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Father of baby snatched by dog pens a book

ajThe Kentucky father whose 3-day-old son was snatched from a crib by the family’s wolf-hybrid dog last summer has written a book about the ordeal.

A spokesman for AuthorHouse, a Bloomington, Ind., company that specializes in self-publishing, confirmed to the Lexington Herald that the book will be published in late May.

Its mouthful of a title? “Could It Happen to You?:  Baby A.J.’s Story of Being Taken From His Crib by the Family Dog Dakota.”

“I think it’s going to answer a lot of questions about who we are,” said Michael Smith, who along with his wife, Chrissie, became the subject of nationwide TV coverage and news articles after their family dog snatched Alexander James “A.J.” Smith from his crib July 20.

Dakota, the female wolf hybrid that had a habit of taking objects from the house, carried the baby outside in her mouth, eventually setting him down in the woods behind the Smiths’ house north of Nicholasville.

A.J. was treated for a cracked skull, cracked ribs, a collapsed lung and a partially collapsed lung and returned home after several days.

Except for a small scar, he has recovered fully, the family says. “He’s a healthy little boy. He’s doing great.” Chrissie Smith said.

Michael Smith said the book will be a behind-the-scenes narrative of the ordeal that included his interviews with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and Deborah Norville on “Inside Edition.”

The book, he said, will clear up any notion that he’s an unfit parent.

The Smiths were investigated for child neglect, but a Jessamine County grand jury found no criminal intent.

The family attempted to get Dakota back, but eventually consented to letting the dog live with another family.

The Smiths still have two dogs, one of them a wolf-hybrid.


Comment from laura
Time April 9, 2010 at 8:45 am

I remember this story. I found it odd that a dog was left alone with a baby, was in reach of the baby, go through the house, make it outside somehow (pet door?), and a 100 yards away.

I’m not going to buy the book. He’s not getting any of my money.

Comment from Randolph H. Que
Time May 28, 2010 at 4:47 am

OK, when I bring a new animal home, I keep it separated from my other animals. I gradually introduce them to each other, it can take days days. While I’m gone, I keep them separated, this can go on for a week or longer depending on their behavior.
Us four kids grew up with many dogs, slept with them in our beds, and was never hurt by any of them, but my parents never left a newborn with a dog, or us older kids for that matter. They watched us & the dogs like hawks, and kept us separated from the babies while unattended.
That seems weird that these people would leave a brand-new baby fresh from the hospital alone with a dog that’d never seen it before. WEIRD.
I’m guessing he’d try for a book deal however the deal went down—“Dingo ate My Baby” or “Dingo ran off with my Baby”