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“Nightclub” for dogs opening in New York

fetchclubManhattan’s dogs will soon have a place to enjoy a night on the town — the Fetch Club, a  3,000-foot indoor dog park/canine club offering spa services, homemade meals and a “doggie disco.”

Scheduled to open next month in a renovated former tobacco factory one block from the South Street Seaport, the establishment will also include a “high-end” boutique, and a lounge where humans can drink coffee, schmooze and Twitter while their dogs frolic.

The New York Post reports that permission to open the club didn’t come easy: After concerns about noise were expressed by neighbors, the  Department of Buildings issued a stop-work order in early April. The department reviewed Fetch Club’s permits and ruled the building wasn’t zoned for kennels — meaning it can’t board dogs overnight.

Owner Peter Balestrieri invested $50,000 in additional noise insulation for the club, adding about 8 inches of padding to his walls and ceiling.

While the club won’t board dogs overnight, Balestrieri says it will be the perfect stop for clubbing humans to drop off their dogs. He says he hopes to equip the doggie dance club with a disco ball.

“We’re serious about the well-being of animals, but we also want them to have fun,” said co-owner Jenna Lee, a former finance worker now taking veterinary courses.


Comment from jack
Time April 30, 2010 at 5:22 pm

do they even like music? Same story different dog http://blog.eventorb.com/post/2010/04/A-Nightclub-For-Dogs-To-Open-in-Manhattan.aspx

Comment from NY Editor
Time May 18, 2011 at 4:33 pm

“FETCH” dog daycare center (South Street Seaport neighborhood)

BOTTOM-LINE: “Quick decisions are unsafe.” – Sophocles
If you prefer to purchase a smaller car from a company that you trust, rather than a luxury car from an untrustworthy company, then doing the adequate research to find the best daycare center for your four-legged best friend calls for a bit more concern than choosing a car based on color or the coffee served in the showroom.

After reviewing a handful of the popular dog daycare facilities below Canal Street, Fetch is without a doubt a beautiful facility, but unfortunately it is run by an unorganized, unprofessional team of owner-operators.

After putting down a $250 deposit to begin monthly daycare for our dog, which would cost us approx $700/month going forward, we were instructed by Fetch to schedule an orientation meeting with one of their managing-partners, along with their facility’s head dog-trainer. We then proceeded to book an appointment around Fetch’s limited scheduling options, only to be told the day before our appointment that we would have to reschedule our appointment due to Fetch’s own internal scheduling conflicts. After being forced to change our own personal schedules three times due to Fetch’s internal lack of organization and calendar management, we tried calling one of the owners directly in an attempt to resolve these scheduling issues once and for all, but with each attempt to reach someone with authority at Fetch we were faced with one employee telling us that we needed to speak to another employee who was never available at that time.

The final indicator of Fetch’s management style and ethics was brought to light when we asked for our deposit back from Fetch. At this time the owner, who was mainly unavailable during this process, didn’t make any attempt to reconcile the situation, but instead offered us a defensive, negative attitude as he explained that it’s not Fetch’s fault for rescheduling our meeting so many times since Fetch is at the mercy of their (off-site) “trainer’s limited schedule”… So what concern does Fetch have for their client’s schedules I wonder?

This is not to suggest that Fetch is unable to handle their day-to-day scheduling duties or operational activities when the weather is beautiful and everything falls into place as planned, but after reviewing countless hospitality venues around NY as an editor for a popular publication, I know from experience that the real test of any hospitality service is how well it holds up during rough circumstances (i.e. A hotel’s ability to care for you when you have the flu), and unfortunately Fetch seems to fall apart at the seams if the circumstances aren’t optimal.

As you may have guessed by now, the owner then refused to refund our deposit even though we never signed anything saying that we would forfeit our deposit if Fetch was liable for lack of service or cancellation.

Although Fetch’s luxurious showroom seems a step above the typical Manhattan daycare center, unfortunately Fetch’s management team does not seem well equipped to withstand the rougher roads that may lie ahead of them, especially if there are any potholes in their path.

Working in an office where we conduct hundreds of reviews each year within NY’s hospitality service industry, we made the necessary calls to find our new pet a very accommodating daycare center, and management team, at Biscuits & Bath in Tribeca. The staff at Biscuits & Bath immediately seemed much more (dog) knowledgeable, and definitely more client focused than the owner-operators we dealt with at Fetch.

Another perk at this Franklin Street facility is that for an additional fee the staff at Biscuits & Bath will train your dog to abide by the typical house-training habits that we all desire, or even to perform one of the many dog tricks that will make your dog stand out at the park on weekends.

I am the NY editor for a popular lifestyle publication, and new dog-owner in NYC. I/We do not work for, nor have we received any form of compensation from any of the facilities or entities mentioned in this article.