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After escape, Max the pit mix put down

Police in Alameda have put down Max, the pit bull mix who on the day of his scheduled euthanization was allegedly stolen from the city’s animal shelter by his owners and driven to Reno.

The 70-pound animal was put down Saturday, the San Jose Mercury-News reported.

The dog had been picked up earlier that day, after being tracked down in Reno and brought back to California.

The dog’s owner Richard Cochran, 57, is expected to appear in Alameda County Superior Court today, where he will face felony burglary and conspiracy charges.

His girlfriend, Melissa Perry, 38, was arrested Thursday at the same motel in Reno where police located Max.

Police say the couple broke into the Alameda shelter and stole the dog, who had been declared dangerous after biting two people.


Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time May 18, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Very sad for Max, and sad for his owners. OK, he was aggressive. But did Max really, truly deserve to be killed? Who is knowledgable and empowered to make these kinds of decisions? With a proper owner who worked with him and also kept him from adverse social activities and strangers, Max could have been a wonderful companion and guard dog for the right owner, cuddling up on the bed like our own wonderful dogs. Killing him because he did not fit some societal mold for dog behavior is just plain wrong. Prosecute his owners instead for irresponsible dog ownership…..well, yeah, whenever we decide to make THAT a crime.

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