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Guide dog booted from Canadian McDonald’s

The manager of a McDonald’s in Canada kicked a blind woman and her guide dog out of the restaurant, saying dogs weren’t allowed where food is being served.

Renee Brady, who has relied on her six-year-old golden retriever, named Able, to be her eyes for the last five years, said she was taken aback when the manager of the restaurant in Winnepeg told her she had to eat her food outside because of the dog.

Brady said at first she thought the manager didn’t realize Able was a guide dog — but quickly learned she was mistaken.

“…He said ‘I know it’s a guide dog, but you’ll have to leave,’ ” she told the Winnepeg Free Press.

Officials from McDonald’s Canada said they have apologized to Brady.

“Our procedures for assisting customers with special needs were not followed and we have addressed the situation directly with the restaurant staff to ensure this does not happen again,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

But Brady says that’s not enough.

“I’m not looking for an apology — I want more. I want positive action. I want training of management and staff so this doesn’t happen again.”

Brady wrote to McDonald’s, asking the restaurant chain to put stickers on their doors letting people know while pets are not allowed to enter, service dogs are welcome.


Comment from Laura Hudson
Time May 24, 2010 at 11:39 am

She has a right like everyone else to be served as a customer!! Shame on the manager of Mcdonald’s Guide dogs do alot of things they give their owners their independence back!!

Comment from Nekota
Time May 24, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Wow. My service dog and me had troubles, but we never got kicked from a big chain like McDonalds. That’s got to be upsetting. Kuma was a psychiatric service animal, so people often assumed he was just a pet until I showed a patch or a card for him. I can’t imagine having my seeing eye dog banished.

I hope McDonalds does make a change in their training. It really wouldn’t take that much time out of their training course to just add a short section on service animals to the lesson.