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Reputed NC dog fighter busted in VA

The Humane Society of the United States says a major figure in the dog fighting world has been arrested in Bedford County, Virginia.

The Humane Society says Jeffrey Denny, of North Carolina, has acknowledged selling hundreds of dogs for breeding or fighting all over the country.

According to WSLS, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office says Denny attempted to sell a pit bull to an undercover deputy. Two pit bulls were seized along with Denny’s van, which is crammed full of dog crates.

Police in North Carolina searched Denny’s Franklinville Home where sixteen more dogs were seized. Police also found break sticks, needles and syringes, an auto suture gun, a tool box containing medical supplies, medications and veterinary supplies, IV supplies and saline solution, mineral supplements, dog collars and a dog harness. Police said they seized eight guns and ammunition, drug paraphernalia and computer and written records from the home.

Denny faces one felony charge in Bedford County for transporting animals for fighting. After that, he’ll be returned to North Carolina to face sixteen felony dog fighting charges, eleven misdemeanor dog cruelty charges and one felony count for possession of drug paraphernalia. The sheriff’s office says Denny planned to sell the two pit bulls for $900 each. Deputies seized $392 from Denny’s van.


Comment from Miss Jan ‘n gus n wally
Time May 27, 2010 at 11:34 am

I wonder what will happen to the dogs. Despite the best efforts nationally to try to save the (usually) pitbulls that are the dogfighters’ favorite fourlegged warriors when the dogfighters are taken down/taken in, so many thousands of these dogs are being euthanized. Out here in Oregon on the news last night – pits seized in the breakup of a drugs and dogfighting ring in Corvallis (usually such a squeaky-clean small college town – who knew) are being euthanized by Heartland Humane Society. While they apparently found other pit rescues for some, most were unable to be placed and are being killed. Whether or not you are pro- or anti- pit should have no bearing on whether these dogs should be allowed to live. Best Friends has proven that even the worst of the fight dogs and bait dogs and breeding dogs can be rehabbed and adopted out and on the rare occasion that is too difficult the dogs are granted permanent sanctuary homes for life. I feel it is essential that part of the sentencing of convicted dogfighters is that all of their assets in any form whatsoever including garnished wages for life once out of prison, if necessary, go to support in sanctuary the dogs they made so much of that money off of in the first place.

Comment from Laura Hudson
Time May 28, 2010 at 7:01 pm

I’m glad that he was stopped before any other dogs were killed or fighting!! If the law allows he should go behind bars for along time!!