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Wild: The latest grooming craze in China

In what’s being described as the latest pet craze in China, dogs are being groomed and dyed to resemble other animals.

You can probably guess what we — being proponents of letting dogs be dogs –think of this. As if humanizing weren’t bad enough, now we’re subjecting them to tiger-izing and panda-izing?

Visitors recently gathered at a local pet market in Central China’s Zhengzhou city to view and photograph dogs who’d been trimmed and painted to resemble pandas and Siberian tigers, according to a report in the Montreal Gazette.

True, both those species are endangered in China, but that’s no reason to dress dogs up to fill the void.

China has also been big on dyeing dogs unnatural colors. Both fads are believed to have started off in the good old USA.


Comment from Mary Haight
Time June 10, 2010 at 12:31 am

This conjures up some really ugly pictures in my head – shops still carry dog pelts, often dyed to look like other animals. Sellers claim that sleeping on the dog fur relieves bad backs…I’ve got photos.

What a crazy clash inside that culture and what radical change the dog lovers of the younger generation are creating. Give it ten years in and near cities, more for rural areas, and there may be no more shops with such items, or restaurants serving the remains. Call me optimistic:/

Comment from cjung
Time June 10, 2010 at 6:35 am

I’ll agree that this is way too much – I don’t like the intensity of the dye job (so dark and all the way to the skin) and I would be really worried about dyes around the face.

That said, I have a big silly sable-headed white smooth collie named Fawkes, and have been toying with the idea of lightly painting/dyeing his body light & dark green and give him a brown collar with a few leaves so he could be a “Melon-Collie” for Halloween.

And in the spirit of lame pun costumes, I also want to make a collar with big goofy petals & leaves so Lucy, my other smooth collie, could be a “Collie-Flower”.