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Roadside Encounters: Domino

Name: Domino

Breed: Dalmatian

Age: 13

Encountered: Arizona’s Painted Cliffs Welcome Center, on Interstate 40

Headed: Back home to Oregon

From: A trip to New Mexico

Travel habits: When Domino’s owner fires up the RV, Domino is happy to ride along. Domino gets restless about every three hours, though, and wants to get out for a walk, as he was doing at this rest area  just across the New Mexico line. Despite Arizona’s new hard line on immigrants,  both the predominantly white Domino and his black spots were able to gain admittance to the state. (My overly tanned left arm had no difficulties, either.)

Domino’s owner, who lives with his daughter, hits the road for two or three months at a time, seeing the country and drifting where the spirit moves him. “I call it tumbleweeding,” he says.


Comment from Kathy G.
Time June 20, 2010 at 8:35 pm

John & Ace-
Love reading the stories and having a wonderful cross-country trip (vicariously of course) of my own, following the Adventures of Ace….oh, and you too John. Enjoy!

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