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Please don’t squeeze the “envision”

Now that’s a toilet paper name.

None of that puffy-cloud, bed-of-cotton, heaven-and-angel imagery. No, when Georgia-Pacific chose a name for its toilet paper, it picked “envision.”

A lofty moniker, even in lower case, but not fluffy — like Cottonelle, Charmin or White Cloud, or other Georgia-Pacific brands (Quilted Northern, Angel Soft and Soft’n Gentle.)

I’m no expert on toilet paper marketing trends — other than noticing that most companies try to portray their product, often with the use of clouds and puppies, as the softest substance on earth. But there has also been a slightly less ballyhooed move toward more environmentally friendly products.

envision describes itself as 100 percent recycled, which, even though it doesn’t really mean that 100 percent of it comes from recycled waste paper, is a step in the right direction — one also taken by brands such as Seventh Generation, Ecosoft and Small Steps, from Marcal.

I’d never run into envision before, but it seems to be the brand of choice at Motel 6 — the chain that, in our continuing travels, we often end up in because of its combination of dog-friendliness and affordability.

With its greenish wrapper, and its Obama-esque name, envision not only starts with same four letters as “environment,” but seems to convey, if you read between the lines — or in this case, plies — a message of hope for a cleaner planet. Of course one could draw other connotations. Most people in the midst of their constitutional, if they’re not reading, are envisioning — thinking lofty and throneworthy thoughts about what they are going to accomplish in the day ahead, or at least about the successful completion of the deed at hand.

Either way, it’s a very hopeful sounding toilet paper, one that seems to tell us to shoot for the stars, be all you can be. If you can view it, you can do it. You, like it, are on a roll.


Comment from Kelly Ferguson (Georgia-Pacific)
Time July 29, 2010 at 2:01 pm


Thanks for the comment on our envision® tissue. The envision® brand name has actually been around since 1989, when we began using it with a line of tissue and towel products sold for use in away from home locations such as hotels and offices. Glad it made you think lofty thoughts.

Comment from Jenna
Time August 23, 2010 at 8:48 pm

There is no such thing as a “green” paper company. That is impossible – they destroy everything around them, whether they recycle or not. It is purely a marketing ploy. And insulting for them to claim to be “green”.

Marcal recycles because it is cheaper to do so. So the way to sell an inferior product, but still make money, is to convince the consumer they are helping the environment by using their product. Even though that is a bold faced lie.

Marcal has contributed to massive air and water pollution, and continues to do so. But they are eco- friendly? That is tough for me to believe.

This is a plain and simple marketing ploy. They could care less about the environment, and all their actions show it. Anyone who buys into that message is a fool, and doing a disservice to those who really care about the environment, and our children. Take the time and look it up. The answer is to use less paper. Paper towels, napkins and facial tissues are all easily replaced. For toilet paper, buy a bidet. But don’t buy into Marcals false claim about them being “green”. That is an out and out lie.