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Bear-Bear decision still a week away

Prosecutors say they are still at least a week away from deciding whether charges will be filed against the federal officer who shot and killed a Siberian Husky he thought was acting too roughly with his dog at a Maryland dog park.

The officer, though authorities have withheld his name, has been identified as Keith Elgin Shepherd, employed by the Army at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Northern Virginia.

Anne Arundel County prosecutors told the Baltimore Sun yesterday that it may take another week for them to finish their investigation. The investigation was prompted by a public outcry after authorities originally said no charges would be filed.

Public interest in the case remains high. About 20 people demonstrated yesterday outside the Anne Arundel County courthouse in Annapolis, supporting of the owners of Bear-Bear, fatally shot Aug. 2 in a private dog park in the Quail Run community in Severn.

Police say the shooter thought Bear-Bear, who was unleashed, was getting too rough with his German shepherd, who was leashed. 

Police have refused to identify the shooter, and his name was blacked out on police reports supplied to the news media. But a report without redactions obtained by the Sun identifies him as Shepherd.

Prosecutors said last week that key issues focused on whether the shooter was legally allowed to carry a personal handgun off-post, and whether he broke the law in shooting the husky or was acting to defend his dog, self and wife.


Comment from connie
Time August 17, 2010 at 9:31 am

I am so upset!! They know what he did was wrong!! Take the gun from him and make him pay for what he did… People like that should never be allowed to carry a gun….. Punish the man already!!

Comment from looking at evidence is key
Time August 18, 2010 at 2:03 am

don’t forget, he shot the dog from behind.


1)…if he and his wife were “being attacked” as mentioned in written account, how did he get behind the attacking dog to shoot it in the back? In fact, the 911 tape statement he made never said he shot the dog for allegedly attacking him –but for allegedly attacking his dog. (The shooter contradicts his 911 oral record in the written testimony)

2) He claims the dog was attacking and biting at his dog, but note, his dog was never looked at by a vet clinic. There are no visible signs of bite marks, or puncture wounds on his dog.

3) Leashed dog in off-leash park is ignorant, leading to increased risk for dominance. Had the cop released his dog, the wrestling would have been fine. But perhaps the ego of the cop is weak, and seeing his dog being dominated during play –especially a GSD/protection dog– might have wounded him to the point of having to kill off the threat.

Keith Elgin Shepherd and his fragile ego should be muzzled in public.

Comment from Anonymous
Time August 19, 2010 at 5:56 pm

A sad and unfortunate outcome for the Siberian Husky. I have had many Huskies in my time and currently care for Three Huskies. They are magnificent animals and generally have a friendly but inquisitive personality. Most likely the husky that was shot was merely playing with the other dog in a rather dominant fashion as they often do with each other. This is their way, a dogs way of greeting and establishing rank. One thing I would like to point out is that this fellow, being a police officer, is to defuse situations with the least amount of necessary force. When I go on walks with my dogs I carry pepper spray for the unforeseen animal confrontation. Why did this officer not prepare himself for such a situation? I’m just a simple civilian and I think of ways to avoid potentially threatening situations. This guy is a trained police officer. To serve and protect not shoot first and ask questions later, what was he thinking? It’s a dog park with other dogs on the loose. If I were to run up to him suddenly would he shoot me?

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