Utah shelter selling dogs for experiments

“Very cute.” “Cuddly.” “Enjoys belly rubs.”

That’s how the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS) described the dogs in its care that were up for adoption — some of the same dogs it later sold for use in university laboratories.

PETA says the dogs were sold to the University of Utah and used for “deadly and invasive” experiments: 

“Dogs recently purchased from the animal shelter had holes cut into their chests and necks and pacemakers implanted onto their hearts in order to induce irregular heartbeats; the dogs were then killed and dissected.”

North Utah Valley Animal Shelter is the only animal shelter in Utah that continues to sell animals entrusted to its care for use in experiments, according to PETA’s blog, The Peta Files.

PETA conducted an undercover investigation and says it found more than 100 animals were purchased from shelters by the University of Utah.

Demonstrations have been held at the shelter, with activists handing out leaflets that warned of the possibility that surrendered dogs and cats could end up being used in experiments. Activists personally rescued two surrendered cats, Angel and Libby, who might have otherwise ended up being used in experiments. The organization is urging supporters to join a campaign calling for an end to the shelter’s practice.

You can learn more about the campaign here.

6 thoughts on “Utah shelter selling dogs for experiments

  1. Marita

    Hi! I was really sad when I read about the shelter and I actually wrote to this shelter. Of course the cowards didn´t have the courage to answer me back. People who lack backbones are not something you could expect anything from. This shelter should be banned. They take care of animals, “save” them and then make money when they betray and sell the animals. Is it possible to do something?

  2. Madalena Cian Seren

    SHAME ON UTAH SHELTER! Trailors, Im disgusted to belong to the same human race! The world is aware of your crime, monsters!

  3. Deborah

    It’s disgusting and incredibly sad. These poor creatures already suffered enough and they were trusting depending on these people and that did this to them. Shame on them!!!!

  4. Omo

    Please don’t make dogs “shelters” in Yerevan. This is not a shelter, this is a jail for dogs. Don’t blame municipality for all bad things. We are not blind – dogs living in the cage – cage is jail!!! Let them free or keep them in your house. Every dog must be free from this prison. And this castration – sterilization practice should be over. Under name of shelter it is keeping personal dogs zoo.
    This shelter practiced selling dogs for the experiments. Can we sure for others?

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