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N.C. restaurants get ok for outdoor dogs

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources has ruled that restaurants may decide on their own whether to allow dogs in outdoor areas.

The new rule requires dogs to be restrained and prohibits them from entering indoor seating areas. It also makes a point of saying they can’t come in contact with food or servers.

But it’s a giant leap from the old rule, which assessed as much as a two-point health-inspection deduction for restaurants that allowed pets in outdoor eating areas.

The rule change became effective earlier this month.


Comment from Two Pitties in the City
Time September 9, 2010 at 9:51 am

We have this out in Chicago and it’s great! There are so many outdoor cafes that it’s nice when we’re on a walk we can just drop in for a drink. And I think it’s win-win; more people are out eating.

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