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Highway Haiku: Home Again?


“Home Again?”

I wonder if home

Will be there when I get there

And, moreso, will I?

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Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time January 4, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Love your wanderlust despite the supposed need/desire for a base. Moved to Merryland from a lifetime in the Midwest, environ unseen, four plus years ago. The Paws and I have come to enjoy this area. However our abrupt move, and the subsequent adaptation (to-date) make me now feel that my dogs and I could move to just about anywhere with some trees and property and be totally happy, curious, enchanted every day. It has been just great to see your and Ace’s evolution to the same. Would love to keep you in MD, but you have proven that closeness is just a blog away.

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