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Gorilla still mourning death of her mate

Ever since her mate at the Seoul Zoo died last month, a female gorilla named Gorina has been showing signs of depression, zookeepers say.

Gorina and her 49-year-old mate Gorirong, who died last month of old age, had been cohabitating for 24 years.

And even though they didn’t always get along, the female Lowland Gorilla now sits still for days, gazing vacantly at the sky, according to the JoongAng Daily. Her fur has become brittle and she has exhibited violent behavior.

In an attempt to help Gorina, the only remaining Lowland Gorilla in the country, staff at the Seoul Zoo are trying everything from providing entertainment and reading material to making special meals. 

Park Hyeon-tak, a zookeeper at Seoul Zoo who has been taking care of the gorilla couple for four years, said Gorina seems to be suffering from depression.

Gorirong and Gorina began living together 24 years ago when Gorirong was transferred from a zoo in Africa. Together, they were the zoo’s most popular attraction. Members of a critically endangered species, they failed to produce any offspring.

(Photo: from the flickr page of fPat)


Comment from Michelle
Time March 17, 2011 at 11:03 am

she doesnt need special meals or entertainment…she needs a companion or something to take of…get her a another gorilla or try a cat (it worked for Koko) (if you dont know about Koko just look up koko.org)
If I lost my ‘mate’ after 24 years…I’d just want time to myself. Everyone is different.

Comment from songsbenvissuto
Time March 26, 2013 at 4:36 pm

i just saw korean news she is having new silverback .i was like yes! i am so happy for her. also cant wait they will have baby. and please they need more female gorillas to make batter family