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“No comment” would have sufficed: TV reporter bitten while seeking interview

A woman who didn’t want to tell a TV news team “how she felt” about her daughter being shot threw a rock at them, shook a baseball bat at them, and then sent her dogs after reporter Abbey Niezgoda of ABC 6 News in Rhode Island.

The crew was on assignment in Providence, seeking to interview the mother of a teenage girl who was shot at a graduation party over the weekend.

Instead of politely declining to speak on-camera, Melissa Lawrence hurled a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson, then went inside for a baseball bat. Seconds later, she told her dogs to attack.

As Lawrence shouted commands, the dogs chased Niezgoda into a backyard a few houses away.

Niezgoda was a treated for a bite on her forearm.

Melissa Lawrence was charged with two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon.

Lawrence’s daughter, who was shot in the lower back, has since been released from the hospital.


Comment from KateH
Time June 7, 2013 at 7:48 pm

Great job, newstwits! Now a dog is going to die because you just HAD to ask a stupid question to an unhappy (and maybe unstable) mother. Getting bit was half your own damn fault!

Comment from Miss Jan
Time June 8, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Abusively intrusive is how I would describe most tv reporters. The unbelievably inane questions always surrounding “how are you feeling right now.” Your kid is shot “how are you feeling?” You lost your home to a tornado and you are surrounded by piles of debris, all that remains of your entire life, and you just found out you are the only survivor in your family “how are you feeling right now are you going to rebuild?” Biting is too good for this reporter and it is so awful that the dog will have to die because of the reporter’s predatory behavior. John I am going to disagree with your headline because with these scumsuckers, “no comment” doesn’t make them go away. They are pandering to the worst motivations of viewers – lurid fascination with others’ misfortunes the more graphic and bizarre the better, schadenfreude, vicarious thrills, etc. the dregs of the human psyche. Since you have been in the news biz (investigative reporters have risen above the bottomfeeding label) you also o doubt have seen too much of what happens when a newsie’s target says “no comment” — whatever airs or is written of later is fabricated with implications in order to sell, sell, sell that story.