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Pit bulls returned to Eagles running back

Eight of the 27 pit bulls seized from a Wisconsin breeding kennel suspected of having connections to dogfighting belonged to a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s not Michael Vick.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Bryce Brown is the owner of Eilis, and her seven puppies, all of whom were removed May 21 from a pit bull breeding kennel near Eau Claire, according to the Leader-Telegram.

Brown had sent Eilis to Northland Pits in February to be bred. After the pups were born, the kennel offered to whelp and wean the pups, and Brown sent them all to Wisconsin for that purpose, according to an affadivit in the case.

While they were there, the kennel was searched, and 27 dogs were seized by the Eau Claire County Humane Association. The owner of the kennel, Joseph A. Sudbrink, has been charged with mistreating animals and running a breeding kennel without a license.

The officer who removed the animals, BeKah Weitz, said the dogs at the kennel had contracted ringworm and possibly had other skin issues and were being kept in substandard conditions. She told the court she saw scarring on the dogs and believed the kennel operators were fighting the dogs. Prosecutors say they are continuing to investigate.

Both Brown and the kennel owner petitioned to get their dogs back, and on Friday a county judge ordered Eilis and her pups returned to Brown.

The 19 other dogs will remain in custody for at least five more days, under the judge’s ruling.

The kennel’s website says it is a breeder of “quality old family red nose pit bulls” and that no dogs are “bred, sold or used for any illegal activities.”

Brown, the running back, has no known connection to dogfighting. The Philadelphia Inquirer says he has friends who are pit bull breeders, and friends whose dogs engage in “extreme” agility training. He posted the video above, showing him and another pit bull, on his Facebook page, but said “I go to the park with them to be supportive … It’s not really my thing.” 

Sheila Kessler, an attorney who represented Brown and also serves on the Humane Society of Portage County board, picked up his dog and puppies from the shelter to return them to Brown.


Comment from Diane McCornack
Time July 1, 2013 at 9:25 am

He may not be guilty of dog fighting but an individual in this day and age who allows their family pet to be bred is an idiot. This so called athlete has not put 6 more pit bulls in the world when we can’t take care of what is here already. People wake up we are supposed to be the intelligent ones.

Comment from Jen Brighton
Time July 1, 2013 at 6:51 pm

My thoughts exactly, Diane. I agree with you 100% and was about to say the same thing but you already said it for me. I believe in rescue, but any real breeder does it scientifically and hands on. What a bunch of losers!

Comment from Danielle
Time July 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

You people don’t know what your talking about. My boyfriend and I have a pitbull from Northland Pits. We drove out there to pick her up. We saw all of the dogs and they were healthly happy and friendly. And it sickens me to know that the mother of my dog has been confiscated from her home on some bullshit charges that are not true. All of the dogs at Northland Pits are registered UKC dogs. I have papers to prove it. Northland Pits and Brown are victims of people like you that have something against the breed.

Comment from Helene jones
Time July 5, 2013 at 8:46 am

Danielle, you like many other owners of pit bulls are the most irresponsible pieces of shit that makes this breed of dogs dogs suffer. Why don’t you come to Florida and watch as hundreds of pots are killed every day because they end up at animal control because of a ridiculous law against not being allowed to own a pot in dade county. I don’t doubt this bastard brown is fighting dogs. Dogs with scars can only mean one thing. I hope the eagles and you have a missable life like you give to these poor animals

Comment from Danielle
Time July 18, 2013 at 7:07 pm

Helene, you don’t know me. I’m white. I am not an irresponsible pitbull owner and not everyone who owns a pit is a piece of shit. I had my last pit for 12yrs. And I had to put him to sleep in November. You don’t know shit lady. I did not want a dog with health problems from being imbred by the losers you speak of. And if you are so concerned with the shit that goes on, have you yourself done anything to help the dogs. I doubt it. I donate to the shelters in my area. And dogs can have scars for all types of reasons. These are dogs that live hard and play rough. My dog has scars from just taking flying leaps onto the porch and missing. She does it to herself.