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Give us the goods on your veterinarian

veterinarian symbolWe want to know about the veterinarian of your dreams – whether you’ve found him or her, or not.

For an article in an upcoming issue of The Bark on how we choose a veterinarian, we’d like to know what – in your eyes — are the most important factors.

If you’ve found the perfect vet, just what is it that makes him or her perfect? If you’re still seeking that person, just what exactly is it you’re looking for?

As our dogs become more and more like family members, the choice of vet is a decision humans probably take more seriously than they did 50 years ago. Time was one’s choice of veterinarian was based in large part on proximity.

We’re guessing that has changed. Now we seek opinions from friends, question fellow denizens of the dog park, turn to online reviews, and perhaps even make some in-office visits, all in our quest for the perfect vet.

But what makes the perfect vet?

Is it where he or she went to school? Is it a friendly staff, reasonable rates? Is it how quickly you can make an appointment or how long you spend in the waiting room? Is it bedside manner, how much empathy, or compassion a vet exudes? Is it how clearly that vet can communicate? Whether they honor your pet insurance? Is it how the vet connects with you, how the vet connects with your dog, or both?

We want to know what is (or was) the single most important factor in your choice of veterinarian, and how you found the one (if you have) that you can’t imagine ever leaving.

Tell us about the veterinarian of your dreams by leaving a comment, preferably with your name attached, on The Bark’s blog, or here on ohmidog!

(John Woestendiek, who produces the ohmidog! website, is a frequent contributor to The Bark. His story on finding the ideal veterinarian will appear in an upcoming issue.)


Comment from Southern Fried Pugs
Time September 4, 2013 at 1:51 pm

There isn’t just one thing that makes a perfect vet. My perfect vet would value the health of my pet over a dollar. She would listen to me because I know my dogs better than she does. She would always be willing to learn something new such as alternative treatments, whether the AVMA agrees or not. In a dream world, she would specialize in pugs, have reasonable rates and be open during nights and weekends. She would practice chiropracty, acupuncture and homeopathy. I have two vets, one that does alternative medicine and one that has more experience in pugs. I like them both but have challenges in coordinating them for yhe best care for my pugs.

Comment from Jen Brighton
Time September 4, 2013 at 2:15 pm

I have an awesome vet who I plan on making a submittal for. Bark Magazine is my favorite, having won a Miele vacuum cleaner within the past year and a half, replacing my old, orange Kirby. Claudia wrote a funny blurb that accompanied the dogs’ picture sitting next to the two vacuums that was published on-line. So glad, John, when you contribute articles to The Bark.

Comment from Miss Jan, Bark subscriber
Time September 9, 2013 at 3:45 pm

John I am so happy you are writing your wonderful articles for Bark.

My perfect vet would let me know that the health and wellbeing of my four-legged family member meant more than money. I don’t mind fair charges but gouging is the norm these days and – vets? hello? Don’t think for one minute that devoted pet parents can’t tell the difference. Fair is fair and greed is greed and guess which seems to rule most vets these days – example, my horse vet advised that at most of the professional association annual conferences there more taught to attendees about making money than there is about continuing medical education. Office calls used to include a basic exam – no more – and office calls for pets frequently cost more than office calls for human medicine (and I’m not talking about co-pays, either). My perfect vet would work with me financially if my dog or horse had a chronic health issue needing ongoing management. My perfect vet would honor the role of great nutrition in the health of animals and not do the used car salesman-type hard sell for “prescription” pet food, the ingredients of which are revealed to be very damaging indeed. My perfect vet would at least consider the value of alternative medicine.

My perfect vet would give me information about all my options especially at the end of my beloved four-legged family member’s life.

Comment from vida
Time September 11, 2013 at 4:10 pm

I am lucky enough to have found a wonderful vet. First, all the animals love him and he seems delighted with every critter that come through the door. He’s patent and kind, he is reasonable and conservative about treatment options. He stayed after hours in a flooding area to help our cat who’d had a stroke. He is the soul of compassion when letting a companion go and never gives false hope or gives up too soon. I trust his judgement and his office staff is nice and organized. I dread the day he retires. He is not cheap but he is kind enough to lay out various options for the cash strapped. Sorry to go on so long but he’s a real find.