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Dachshund fights off bear 100 times his size

A four-pound dachshund is being credited with scaring off a 400-pound bear and keeping it from harming a group of friends on a trip through the woods in Michigan.

The dog, named Bradley, was killed in the effort, but he just might have saved the lives of the humans his owner believes he was protecting.

bradley“I believe honestly the outcome would’ve been different if Brad had not been with them,” John Force, Bradley’s owner said. “If the bear had attacked Brad, it certainly would’ve attacked the men who were bigger than Brad.”

On Saturday, a group of friends visiting the Forces ventured into the woods in Oscoda County on a golf cart, taking Bradley along for the ride, according to Upnorthlive.com

When they came across a mother bear and her cubs they stopped. As the bear and men stared at each other, Bradley jumped out and ran at the bear.

“Brad jumped off the golf cart and attacked the big bear, they got into a scuffle,” Force said.

Bradley ran back to the golf cart, but his bite wounds were severe and he died an hour later.

“He was only four to five pounds, but in his mind I think he thought he was 100 pounds,” said Lisa Force, John’s wife.

“…He was a little fighter a little scrapper,” John Force said, “and he didn’t think twice about attacking a bear. I guarantee you, he would have did it again.”


Comment from selkie
Time September 24, 2013 at 11:27 am

so, let me see if I have this right. Some idiots go on a GOLF CART into a woods which is more than likely known to have wildlife – they come across a bear and her cubs – which even the most ignorant person knows is when a bear is most defensive, and instead of quickly leaving the scene, they sit and stare. THEN the dog they have with THEM, who is not leashed, jumps off and attacks this poor bear who is just trying to protect her cubs and somehow this becomes about a big mean bear attacking people? Perhaps if they would have bloody left and had that dog on a leash – then everyone would be alive today. Idiots.

Comment from smoketoomuch
Time October 10, 2013 at 9:30 am

Selkie, “You can’t fix stupid.”