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Dachshund’s blindness doesn’t slow him down

Here’s a quick video update on Ace’s old neighborhood walking buddy, Frank, who went blind a couple of months ago from diabetes.

When first they met, the dachsund’s only problem was being a bit overweight. With exercise and dieting he was trimming down nicely when he was diagnosed with diabetes and, almost overnight, lost his eyesight.

That made him a little hesitant, especially when he was outside, and wary about taking that next step — but only for a few days.

Now, he he tears up the nature trail when he comes over my way for a visit. And, as you can see from this outing to a soccer field, recorded by his owner, he bounds as much as he ever did, if not more. These days, he doesn’t hesitate to go full speed ahead, even when he’s not sure what’s ahead.


Comment from Eighteenpaws
Time November 19, 2013 at 10:54 am

What a great update, thanks! I went crazy two years ago when my husky was diagnosed with diabetes and then rapidly lost her vision. For a short while she stayed close to me, would not venture outside nor wrestle any longer with her dogmates. Then I think she just got tired of that boring lifestyle. She now runs across the wooded (fenced) acres and disappears in the brush, much to my fretting, but her incredible sense of direction, hearing and sniff prove that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Amazingly, my other dogs always stay near her, and I am convinced that they are aware of her limitation. Finally, I believe that Luna can see shadows, or at least otherwise perceives them: she can’t see (but can smell to locate) a treat dropped on the floor, but she still runs after recent scents of squirrels, retrieves paint turtles to deposit on my deck, and recently took down a large groundhog. Her ability to adapt to what humans would consider a detrimentally life-altering restriction in order to still enjoy and partake in life is daily inspiration for me.

Comment from vida
Time November 23, 2013 at 9:23 am

This is so good to hear, I’ve had several dogs that went blind with age and luckily both had their own seeing eye dogs to help them cope. And eighteenpaws, that’s great about your husky! Glad she’s is enjoying life to the full.