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Puparazzi: Celebrity’s dogs are fair game

finn seyfried

Are members of the paparazzi shifting their focus?

These days they seem to be shooting lower — if indeed it’s possible for them to go any lower — and focusing more and more on celebrity dogs.

It’s ridiculous, but understandable: Dogs, unlike celebrities, have to go out. Dogs, unlike celebrities, don’t object to photos being taken of them in an ungroomed state. Dogs, unlike celebrities, don’t file lawsuits.

But the even bigger reason is this: Dogs are more instinctual and spontaneous than most humans, and thus are more likely to do something outrageous — or at least something that the photographer sees as outrageous.

That, when you come right down to it, is what a paparazzo is after.

So when Amanda Seyfried’s dog, Finn, appeared to be humping another dog at the park, the image was captured and published on numerous tabloid websites (and now, for scholarly discussion purposes, on this one.)

On TMZ.com, the photo was under the headline: “AMANDA SEYFRIED’S DOG RAPES OTHER DOG.”

(Maybe dogs should file lawsuits.)

When a dog humps another dog, it’s generally not news, just as it’s generally not news — not even tabloid news — when a dog poops, pees, drools or scratches him or herself.

True enough, Anne Hathaway made the news (or at least the Huffington Post) when her dog pooped — but that was because the actress promptly packed up the poopage and placed it on the windshield of the car belonging to the photographer who was following her and Esmerelda as they went for what was supposed to be a leisurely walk.

Hathaway may have felt she’d gotten vengeance, but she actually fell straight into the trap.

A celebrity doing something outlandish makes for a much better photo than a celebrity just walking down the street.

That’s the biggest reason celebrities are stalked with cameras — either because they have just done something outrageous or embarassing, or in hopes they will, once spotting the photographer, do something outrageous or embarassing.

I, for the record, have great respect for photographers. Some of my best friends are photographers. But photographers whose sole purpose is to track down, follow and provoke celebrities are even worse than humping dogs. They are annoyances, hard to shake off and best avoided, getting their kicks, and paychecks, by exploiting other people’s fame and America’s seemingly incurable addiction to celebrity.

As the paparazzi becomes more puparazzi (or pawparazzi, your choice), a celebrity’s dog, it seems, is falling under the same category as a celebrity’s unfashionable sweat pants, overflowing bikini/Speedo, or botched plastic surgery — fair game.

And while I have no major problem with them aiming their cameras at celebrity dogs out in public, the photographers and those who publish their images ought to keep in mind that, when it comes to dogs, pooping, peeing and humping are mostly natural behaviors that — while maybe one requires some slight correcting — don’t call for felony charges or 30 days in rehab.

One of the foibles of humans is that we like to build people up and then see them get knocked down — enjoying both their rise to glory and their fall from it.

We do it all the time with members of our own species, and especially with celebrities.

Let’s not do it to our dogs.

(Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com)


Comment from Sarahkate
Time January 2, 2014 at 1:06 pm

EXACTLY why the “dog shaming” website should itself be shamed out of existence. And, IMO, the people who buy the tabloids and overindulge in schadenfreude and channel their inner four-year-old are no better than the kids who go ewwww mommy lookie at the horse POOP when watching the Rose Parade. Utter fascination with misinterpreted animal behavior is the hallmark of the sophomoric puerile mind.

Comment from Chad
Time January 3, 2014 at 3:47 am

I guess I don’t quite understand why they would make the shift to the pets when their sole purpose is for celebrity gossip. Do they think that people are going to think Amanda Seyfried is a bad person because we caught her dog doing something normal? Will people really make that connection? I don’t. Maybe they secretly like to look at two dogs going at it???

Comment from Miss Jan
Time January 3, 2014 at 12:41 pm

Chad – humping isn’t always (in fact seldom is) about attempted reproduction. Just gutter minds looking to sell to the tabs assuming all who read the tabs are similarly gutter minded. “misinterpreted animal behavior” I love that – think about the ubiquitous photos of “horse laugh” where a horse’s upper lip is curled up to pinch the nostrils. Looks like laughter or some say “scorn” (making a “face” to indicate something icky) when all it really is happens to be a physical method of concentrating and hopefully identifying a scent – that that effort often IS having to do with the hope of reproduction!