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Revenge? Hardly. Karma? Definitely!

The video above is pretty cute, but on top of making us chuckle it’s a pretty good example of what’s wrong with the news media these days.

Well, make that at least three things that are wrong with the news media these days.

First, the news organizations that have featured it on their websites in the last week almost all make you watch 30 seconds to a minute of advertising before seeing the 38-second video.

Second, the video was posted on the Internet more than two years ago, which hardly rates as news — even under today’s definition.

Third, and most annoying, almost every single news site that has picked up the old video (from Jukinmedia.com) characterizes the dog’s actions as “revenge.”

That’s anthropomorphic, and just plain wrong.

Clearly, the little girl is poking the resting dog with her feet. Quite possibly, the dog got annoyed and adjusted his position.

But we highly doubt the dog is exacting “revenge” on the girl. True, we can’t read the mind of a dog, either — much less that of a dog in a video — but the far more likely explanation is that the dog is trying to create a cooler and more comfortable spot to rest in.

Jukinmedia.com, when it published the video, described it as showing a dog getting “revenge” on the girl “by throwing sand in her face” and “making her crawl away in fear.”

Apparently, they didn’t watch enough of it to see the little girl laughing about it all.

But what’s far lazier is how, two years later, mostly-reputable news websites such as The Telegraph, ABC News, AOL and the Orlando Sentinel have all featured the video this month under a “dog gets revenge” headline. Of all the news organizations we found carrying the video, only KOMO in Seattle didn’t characterize the dog’s actions as revenge.

Are we nitpicking, or do readers/viewers deserve something better than old, innacurate, repackaged “news” when the only thing new about it is the length of the ad we have to watch before seeing it?

Are we going to accept that, or should we kick a little sand in their faces?


Comment from Anonymous
Time October 15, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Keep kicking that sand. Never stop!

Comment from Miss Jan
Time October 16, 2015 at 10:20 am

Once again I am in complete accord with you regarding the news media (e.g. pusher of infotainment esp. where there can be an adversarial twist – sells ads, don’tcha know). It is interesting about KOMO. The station in general has always been pro-animal and has outed things like animal neglect and abuse, dogs left in hot cars to die (on one memorable occasion the car owner was the head of King County Animal Control) and saddest of all cops killing dogs (like the Newfie puppy chased and gunned down by a Des Moines, WA (south Seattle suburb) cop.

I don’t think it actually does any good at the media end but it sure makes ME feel better when I either call them out for agenda-driven infotainment – or send written applause for unbiased, fact-based/fact-checked reporting.