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Folks lining up to bring home this Picasso


Like the subjects of his namesake’s paintings, Picasso the dog has a face that seems to exist on separate planes.

The lower half of his snout lines up just perfectly under his hopeful brown eyes, but the upper half, due to a facial deformity, veers drastically to the right, making his drooping nose look like it’s about to slide off.

picassoandpabloFour of his siblings were sold, but Picasso and a brother (since named Pablo) ended up at the Porterville Animal Shelter in California.

Picasso, due to his lopsided appearance, was put on the euthanize list.

Last month, an Oregon rescue group pulled Picasso and Pablo from the shelter in hopes of finding them homes.

And not long after the first photo of Picasso hit the Internet, he became a celebrity of viral proportions.

“They’re really nice dogs — not just adorable, but wonderful dogs,” Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, told TODAY.

picasso2Since their Feb. 11 arrival, Picasso and his brother, 10-month-old pit bull-terrier mixes, have become the stars of the rescue’s social media feeds — and hundreds of people have inquired about adopting them in the last few days.

The rescue is insisting that, because of their bond, they be adopted as a pair.

For now, the brothers are staying with several other dogs in a communal living-style cabin operated by Luvable Dog Rescue.

The rescue says that, while they’re accepting applications, they’re still working to address Picasso’s medical needs, including removing a tooth that’s digging into gums.

That’s not going to alter his unusual appearance, but judging from the response his lopsided mug has received, that’s not going to matter.

(Photos: Luvabledogrescue.org)


Comment from debbie
Time March 6, 2017 at 7:53 pm

I believe that Picasso and his brother both are absolutely adorable. I wish them the best in their journey. Good on Luvable Dog Rescue to see above and beyond and all those who endeavor to make a difference..

Comment from Miss Jan
Time March 11, 2017 at 11:20 am

Lovable Dog Rescue (formerly Luv-A-Bull because it started with unwanted pitties) is the GOOD side of Eugene Oregon. Believe me – one of the few, very very few, good sides of Eugene Oregon. For example, last week the Eugene City Council passed an ordinance BANNING DOGS from downtown Eugene. The few exceptions are dogs belonging to those who live in downtown Eugene and those who work in downtown Eugene. Doesn’t stop the cops in downtown Eugene from becoming hyperaggressive toward persons walking their dog or awarding expensive citations for those doing so ($250 per incident and up). Although the City Council denies that this is its latest strategy to rid the city of the homeless population, many of whom need the dogs not only for companionship but also for protection, everyone knows full well that it what the City Council and the new mayor are actually up to – instead of working with homeless advocates and the community to help resolve the homeless problem and attack the roots of this terrible situation (how terrible? The local free medical unit calls winter “amputation season” because so many homeless suffer extreme frostbite and related exposure issues!). Doesn’t get much worse than that – but the Eugene City Council and mayor? They think that banning dogs will “cure” the problem. Instead what is happening is that beat cops are being confrontational with tourists who are unaware of the ban and are threatened with ticketing, arrest, or worse than anything else – impoundment of their four-legged travel companion. I wish this story would end up in national media because in a nutshell is demonstrative of everything that has gone wrong with this country.