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Poking a little more fun at Audible For Dogs

We poked a little fun at Amazon’s new Audible For Dogs yesterday, but, as we see, the campaign is so lame there’s plenty of room for more poking.

So up there above is what Conan O’Brien’s writers did with it.

Audible has teamed up with Cesar Millan, and their effort is receiving a truly inordinate amount of media coverage, especially when you consider it’s really no effort at all — rather, it’s just featuring some audio books they already offer on a new web page.

Given it’s just another way for them to move existing merchandise, and given most of us dog owners already knew that turning on the television or a radio (both of which cost you less than an audio book) could help keep home-alone dogs company, there’s nothing there but some slick marketing.

Not to rub their noses in it, but the campaign by Audible and its parent company Amazon deserves every bit of ridicule it gets.


Comment from Sarahkate
Time August 10, 2017 at 7:12 pm

In my opinion, if Amazon is so misguided as to hire this utterly faux dog “trainer” as their spokesperson then again IMO Amazon cannot be trusted to appropriately sell or recommend anything to anyone. In my mind, it’s not about Audible. It’s about the person hired to shill for Audible and Amazon. I personally won’t subscribe to Audible because I do not like my widely varied reading habits tracked and that information plus my personal information sold to whomever is willing to pay a couple of bucks for and possibly misuse it. But – again, just my opinion – Amazon is making a serious marketing error in choosing the one they chose to represent them. Millan utilizes the widely discredited domination and negative reinforcement (“show ’em who’s boss”) theory of dog training which has been strongly discredited for over a decade in favor of positive reinforcement dog training. He uses his self-label as though he invented it but someone long before him was using it including in print, which some might opine is plagiarism at one end of the spectrum or copyright infringement at the other. In my opinion he is no better than TV evangelists preying on the unwary delivering tales of terror to encourage donations to fund the TV evangelist’s high living, or TV shrinks touting the mentally and emotionally unstable for the sake of advertising revenue. Amazon, shame on you for making this thug your spokesperson. Shame.