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Dueling disabilities at Chi Omega

541878_521680384529713_204742216_nA dog that helps a sorority sister at Ohio State University through debilitating panic attacks is causing another sister debilitating allergy attacks.

Apparently unable to work it out between themselves, or put it to a vote among the sisters, the matter of who must exit the Chi Omega house is now in the hands of a federal judge.

Madeline Entine, a second-year undergrad, obtained a temporary restraining order Oct. 26 against the university after it decided that Cory, Entine’s assistance animal, needed to move out of the Chi Omega sorority house.

A federal judge heard arguments in the case last week and said he would decide this week whether to issue a permanent injunction against Ohio State, allowing Entine and her 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel to stay at the sorority house.

Entine sued under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

But, as the university sees it, that act applies to Chi Omega sister Carly Goldman, as well.

Goldman says she is allergic to the dog and that those allergies aggravate her Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel ailment.

Goldman said that when she returned to the sorority house in August, her allergies flared, leading to digestive issues.

Entine says she suffers from panic attacks severe enough to restrict her breathing, cause her to hyperventilate and render her immobile.

Her dog Cory is trained to react to her condition by climbing onto her torso.

Although the dog isn’t allowed on the second floor, where Goldman stays, his hair or dander can still end up there, Goldman testified in a hearing on Entine’s request for a permanent injunction.

Cory rested in Entine’s lap while she watched Goldman’s testimony last week, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

L. Scott Lissner, the university’s ADA coordinator, said the university decided that, since both students are protected by the act, Goldman should be given priority because she signed up for her room first.

He said the university offered to move Entine and Cory to other university housing, but she declined.

Entine is a Chi Omega chapter vice president, which requires her to live in the house, she says.

U.S District Judge Algenon L. Marbley is expected to rule on Entine’s injunction request this week.

(Photo: Entine and Cory, from Madeline Entine’s Facebook page)


Comment from Pretty Pittie
Time November 15, 2017 at 11:50 am

The dog does not help with physical disabilities but rather sounds like an emotional support animal (ESA). ESA’s are not covered under the ADA.

Comment from Rox
Time November 18, 2017 at 1:23 pm

I am going to be a little bit contrary here because I work at a major public university and have to deal with Greek-system members all the time. I strongly doubt any of the sorority members have “severe dog allergies.” While SOME people have dog allergies (I am married to an allergy/asthma specialist) an awful lot of those who claim pet allergies are either suffering from another kind of allergy or just trying to draw attention to themselves and trying to exert control over others. I would suspect that the “allergic” sister has it in for the dog owner. You would not believe the infighting that goes on in sororities even to falsely accusing others of actual crimes even to the felony level. Sorry to be the bubble bursting person about the so-called magic college years but truly you would not believe what goes on – you would have to be there to see it for yourself. It is SO NOT PRETTY.

Comment from John Woestendiek
Time November 19, 2017 at 8:09 am

Thanks for the contrariness, Rox.