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Trump featured in Chinese statue that celebrates the Year of the Dog


For the second year in a row, a shopping mall in China is honoring the Chinese New Year with a giant statue of President Trump, this time as a dog.

For 2018 — the Year of the Dog — it will display a Donald Trump dog, with golden hair, golden eyebrows, a stern expression and an index finger pointed toward the sky.

The Chinese New Year, also called the Lunar New Year, is celebrated based on the lunar-solar Chinese calendar and its corresponding zodiac animal.

For 2017, the Year of the Rooster, the mall erected a 32-foot tall statue of a Donald Trump rooster.

For the upcoming celebration for the arrival of the Year of the Dog (Feb. 16), FashionWalk, a shopping mall in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, has erected the Trump-inspired dog at its entrance, Newsweek reports.

The dog is also the Chinese zodiac sign of Trump, who was born in 1946.

Last year’s rooster, which also shared Trump’s golden hair and pointed index finger, led to the manufacturing of small replicas that were sold as gifts, according to The South China Morning Post.

If the tradition of transforming Trump into a zodiac cartoon continues, Newsweek notes, Trump would be depicted as a pig in 2019 and a rat in 2020.

(Photo: From China Plus News, via Twitter)


Comment from Miss Jan
Time December 29, 2017 at 12:50 pm

Seems to me this is the perfect example of the mixed message China has about actual dogs: a love-hate relationship at best.

I am not a political person but I am a dog person through and through. I find China’s equating dogs with Czar Donald the First to be one or all of: nauseating, upsetting, dangerous to dogs, stupid, raw, politically incorrect, dangerous to people both domestically and abroad and readers can interpret that however you wish, ill-bred, ill-mannered, uneducated, unsophisticated, juvenile, sophomoric, puerile, demonstrative of spectacular and deliberate ignorance, boorish, and did I mention dangerous to dogs?

IMO one more reason for a New Year’s resolution to reduce one’s footprint on Chinese goods.