Dogs and bookstores … perfect together


Bookstores and dogs have always struck me as a perfect combination.

I’m not sure why.


Maybe it’s the way a dog will find a comfortable nook and settle right down. Maybe, with those that don’t, it’s the way they, like us, sniff around inside for something good. Maybe it’s the way both books and dogs take our minds and souls to new places.

In any event, a blog, presented a collection of photos of the former enjoying time in the latter — and even on ladders in the latter.

Some of them are fixtures at the bookstores they are pictured in; some of them just visitors.


If, after viewing these three photos, you are hungry for more, if, like me you can’t enough of either dogs or books, visit the blog for the full collection.

One thought on “Dogs and bookstores … perfect together

  1. Miss Jan

    My favorite indie bookseller has an “apricot” poodle as store dog and arguably that dog is the reason that store always has customers who are always buying, that the last remaining indie bookseller in my area is actually surviving and thriving in this day and age of Big Box Bookstores, and that every year this bookstore is voted “THE BEST” in the area. Some of us visit extra times just to get a “dog fix” but I know I buy exclusively at that store. IMO booksellers who have store dogs are more oriented toward their customers in terms of friendliness, knowledgeability, and service – because people who have dogs are just more community minded. Just my two cents worth (spared from my book budget….)

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