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IKEA launches a line aimed at pets


Hang on to your allen wrenches, IKEA is getting into the pet market.

No, they won’t be selling some-assembly-required dachshunds, but they will be introducing a line called LURVIG (Swedish for “hairy” or “shaggy”), consisting of items the company says are tailor-made for pets.

IKEA says the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range was “created by pet loving designers” with support from “trained veterinarians” (as opposed, I guess, to veterinarians who have received no training).

In addition to the basic pet products — dog bowls and feeders, cat scratch mats, dog and cat beds — other offerings include very basic-looking furniture, like bookshelves, with one shelf designated to serve as a spot for your cat.

It appears no different from any other bookshelves. But leave the books off one shelf and, presto, it serves as a cozy place for your cat to curl up. Genius, right?

The dog blanket looks like any other furniture throw, and the tables look like any other tables.

ikeaThe only thing close to novel is a cat scratching pad that you can wrap around the leg of a table or chair, instantly turning it into a scratching post. (Only a trained veterinarian would be able to come up with something like that.)

Maybe there is more to come, but what’s been featured online so far is unimpressive, with all of the furniture appearing to be that trademark white laminated particle board.

It’s not the first time a company has taken a human product, made only the most minor, if any, variations, and re-designated it a dog product.

That’s marketing. Or, as the Swedish call it “marknadsföring.”

(Photos: IKEA)

Whose dog is it, anyway?

A family brings their dog to the vet and finds out she needs emergency surgery, and that it costs more than they can afford. They opt to have the dog put down.

Three weeks later, they find out the dog had her surgery, is alive and well, and living in somebody else’s home.

That’s pretty much what happened in Orange County, Florida, in a case that raises some interesting questions — both legally and morally.

Tammy Bruce says Princess — a Dachsund, chow, Lab Mix — swallowed a fish hook. They rushed her to an emergency center, where, facing an $800 operation, they chose to have the dog put to sleep rather than pay for the surgery.

This week, her husband got an anonymous call saying that the animal was okay and with a new owner, an employee from the pet emergency room, according to WFTV in Florida.

Veterinarian Holly Brown-Tabbenor says somehow the euthanasia form for Princess was misplaced, and they couldn’t euthanize her without it. Because she was suffering, they performed the operation. The paper was found the next morning, but the vet didn’t notify the family about what had happened, saying they had gone through enough emotional pain already. The vet said the dog’s owners were not financially capable of taking care of her since they couldn’t pay for the $800 surgery.

Bruce says she should have been given the option to pay in installments. “Here, this whole time, we had been mourning our dog and she’s not even dead,” she said. Now, she says, her family wants the dog back.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. What do you think? Who should get Princess?