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Tag: alfie

NYC terrier survives five story fall

It was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz, and it most likely left Alfie wondering what it was all about.

A silky terrier in Manhattan, swept off an 11th floor terrace by high winds, survived a five-story fall with only minor injuries.

Sarann Lindenauer, 67, had opened her terrace door to let in some air, left her apartment for five minutes and came back to find Alfie — a 4-year-old, 10-pound silky terrier — had vanished.

“I ran all over the house calling his name,” she told the New York Post. “I looked down on the plaza and onto the landing of the town houses.”

The dog was swept from the Independence Plaza complex on May 3 during a thunderstorm, landing five stories below, and 30 feet to the east, on a rooftop.

“It was like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and he was Toto,” said Jessica Gould, a neighbor who rescued Alfie.  Gould, who lives in a different tower of the complex, had been looking out at the storm from her seventh-floor window and spotted Alfie.

Gould retrieved the dog and brought him to the lobby.

“‘This is Alfie. Oh, my, God … He came from the 11th floor,” she recounted the doorman saying. Lindenauer was called and reunited with the dog, who  sustained only a few bruises and scratches and a cut lip.

“It had to be a horrible, horrible quick wind because he definitely doesn’t jump,” said Lindenauer, who added that Alfie no longer likes going out on the terrace.

No way to treat a hero

Alfie the German shepherd — deemed a hero in Philadelphia a few years ago when she alerted her owners that their 2-year old son had climbed up on the roof — has been found abandoned, dehydrated and living in the feces-filled basement of an empty house.

Alfie made news 2006 when she barked to alert neighbors and parents about the child on the roof. You can find that account here.

Now she’s been found in the same home — apparently no longer occupied — where she was left to fend for herself.

SPCA officials say neighbors reported hearing barks again from the home. Alfie was found living in the basement with only two bags of food, no water and feces covering the floor. She was 15 pounds underweight and dehydrated, according to CBS 3 in Philadelphia.

“Her skin is a little bit of an issue now. She has been affected by fleas. She’s got some hair loss,” said PSPCA Veterinary Technician Angela Messer.

The SPCA said the home appears to have been unoccupied for over two months. SPCA officials told CBS 3 Alfie’s owner was cited and fined in 2004 for animal cruelty. Alfie was taken away from her owners, but later returned.

The Pennsylvania SPCA first feared Alfie’s behavior would make it difficult to put her up for adoption, but officials said she is warming up. Offers have been pouring in to put the heroic canine up in a welcoming home.

“Medically she’s OK. She’s still a little scared,” said Heather Redfern with the Pennsylvania SPCA. “We’re going to have volunteers and staff work with Alfie to try and get her to a place so that when she is out of protective custody, we can send her to a rescue or someplace that she’ll have an awesome life.”

Update: The Pennsylvania SPCA reports that Alfie is doing well and has been placed with a foster family.


(Photo courtesy of CBS 3)