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Tag: bat boy

Bat Boy found living as cat in New Hampshire!

A cat named Ugly is drawing stares at an Exeter, New Hampshire vet’s office, where clients say they can’t take their eyes off his striking appearance.

The cat — whose full name is Ugly Bat Boy — is bald some in places, has flowing fur in others, and he passes most of his time spread out on a warm computer.

The cat was part of a litter of four with a sister that looked just like him. That kitten died at only a few weeks old, but that was long enough for the veterinarian, a Dr. Bassett (appropriately enough), to become enamored with Bat Boy.

“The owner knew that I liked the way the sister looked, and I came in from lunch one day and this cat was sitting in a cage, and the owner said Dr. Bassett liked this cat, so that’s it,” Bassett said.

People come in and take pictures of him on their cell phones,” said veterinary employee Christie Hartnett. “The impression from clients that come in is he’s not real because he just sits so still, and when he does move, he scares them, but they think he’s mesmerizing,” Hartnett said.

The office staff was getting so many questions about the cat that they put up a couple of fliers saying he’s about 8 years old and perfectly normal in every way — just ugly.

Ugly Bat Boy, I presume is named after the creature created, er … discovered by the Weekly World News — that Florida publication that was doing fake news long before it was cool, keeping us apprised of the latest sightings of Elvis, aliens, Bigfoot and more. I had the pleasure of visiting and doing a story about about its wacky staff before it went out of business, a reprint of which is still online.

It’s good to see Bat Boy’s name living on in a hideous cat. (Actually, I can see the cat’s inner beauty, just as I saw the seriously misunderstood Bat Boy’s.)

As for Bat Boy, the cat, he has the run of the vet’s office in New Hampshire, and all the attention he can handle, according to a TV news report. “He likes it here,” Bassett said. “He’s comfortable. He likes the people petting him.”

Of course, anything this “ugly” deserves a video. So here it is.