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Tag: bubba

Retriever alerts three to fire in home

bubbaA year after the death of her fiance, Saundra Frazer was awakened by the dog he brought into her life, whose barks and nudges alerted her to a fire in her home.

Frazer, 27,  and the couple with whom she shared a home in Lake Worth, Fla., both credit Bubba, a 7-year-old golden retriever, with saving them from the fire.

Bubba’s barks awoke Frazer and Lori and Charles McCauley, who lived in the back of the house.

Frazer’s fiance was the one who brought Bubba into her life when they lived in Fort Lauderdale, the Palm Beach Post reports.

“He’s a champ,” says Charles McCauley. “He’s a hero. If we didn’t get out, it was going to overwhelm us.”

All three, and Bubba, were staying in a West Palm Beach hotel after the fire, courtesy of the local Red Cross.

(Photo: Frazer and Bubba in hotel room; by Allen Eyestone/The Palm Beach Post)

Dog shot by police becomes a federal case

A federal court will hear the case of a woman who claims her constitional rights were violated when police in Milwaukee shot her 7-year-old mutt four times in 2004.

The case of Bubba, a Labrador/springer spaniel mix, appears to be the first such case of its type to go to a federal civil rights trial in Milwaukee, where it is set to begin before a jury this week.

Bubba’s owner, Virginia Viilo, sued the city and two police officers in in 2005, claiming her constitutional rights were violated when an officer fired shots into her already-injured dog.

Over the past decade or so, Milwaukee police have shot more than 400 dogs in the line of duty, according to court records, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. About 25 of those, including the shooting of Bubba, were fatal.

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