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They didn’t bite the postal carrier — just her lunch


A note from the mailman is a little like a note from your kid’s teacher. Your first thought is, “Uh oh, what did they do now?”

That’s exactly what Carol Jordan says ran through her mind when she found a note from her postal carrier: “What did the boys do now?”

The “boys” are brothers Bear and Bull, two 6-year-old black Lab/mastiff mixes, and what they did was sneak into the postal carrier’s truck and eat her lunch. It didn’t lead to any trouble — just a bit of fun on social media.

Jordan, who owns a five-acre farm in Isle of Wight, Virginia, stopped at her mailbox one day in June and discovered a handwritten note there from the woman who delivers her family’s mail, CBS News reported.

The letter carrier wasn’t angry. She just wanted to let Jordan knows that her dogs had consumed a hard boiled egg, some carrots and pumpkin seeds.

“I don’t know if that will upset their tummies, just FYI!” she wrote.

Jordan appreciated the gesture, noting that without the note, she would have “never known. They always look guilty of something.” The dogs are left outside on their own, restricted by an electric fence.

Jordan notes that Bull — the smaller one — is the ringleader when it comes to getting into trouble.

She posted a picture of the pair, and the note on Facebook, and the post — #weoweyoulunch” — quickly went viral.

“We’ve heard from people in Denmark, Australia and New Zealand that have seen the post,” she said. “Most people thank us for making them laugh. A lot of folks have made comments along the lines of ‘that’s like my dog’ or they tag someone whose dog would act like that.”

To make up for the pups’ mischief, Jordan purchased a $20 Subway gift card and left it at the post office for their carrier.

Bully for you: Calling a penis a penis

A lot of dog owners are familiar with “bully sticks” and know that their dogs are, well, nuts about them. But not all of them know that the delectably beefy strands their dogs are gnawing on are actually — no matter what name they’re given — bull penises.

Check out videos produced by the makers of most bully sticks and you’ll see that many make their entire presentations without once mentioning what the product is; and they manage to avoid calling a you-know-what a you-know-what on their product labels, as well.

That’s why we’re proud to present a new video put together by one of our sponsors, K-9 Kraving Raw Diet Dog Food of Baltimore, which now offers bully sticks — and, in a world too full of euphemisms, has the balls to let customers know what they really are.

In addition to featuring my dog Ace, the video is highly informative, offering a step-by-step account of how the sex organs of slaughtered bulls make the journey from fresh “pizzles” to stretched, smoked and dehydrated bully sticks. More impressive yet, they — unlike me — managed to put the entire video together without once resorting to cheap innuendo and tasteless wordplay.