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Tag: bullet

Officer shoots 12-pound dog in self defense, then laments “wasting a bullet”

A Louisiana family says a sheriff’s deputy fatally shot their 12-pound dog, then lamented that he had to “waste” a bullet on her.

“He said ‘I had to shoot her, she came at me.’ Then, he said, ‘It’s really a shame I had to waste that bullet because it’s a really expensive bullet,'” said Kelli Sullivan, the dog’s owner.

The Ville Platte family said the deputy from the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office came to their home after they called about being harassed by a neighbor.

The dog, a rat terrier, got out of their house after the officer arrived.

“The dog got out,” Sullivan told KATC. “I walked to the end of the driveway to try to catch her. My daughter was running around trying to catch her. I thought we were going to go back in the house. I walked back to the house opened the door, turned around, (and) boom, he shot her,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the dog was barking at the officer’s feet, but that she had never bitten anyone.

The officer wrote in his report that the dog was behaving aggressively and “grabbing” at his “legs and boots.”

“It was a horrific event. He shot the dog up close and blew her skull apart in front of my children … He didn’t have to shoot that dog in front of my kids. He just didn’t.”

KATC reported that the sheriff’s office had not responded to its request for a comment.

Florida DJ hits dog, wife with one shot

Florida DJ Shannon Burke was arrested Thursday and charged with shooting his wife and dog, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said.

Burke, whose full name is Edward Shannon Burke, got angry at his dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, got a handgun and threatened to shoot it, according to WESH, the NBC affiliate in Orlando.

When the gun discharged, the bullet went through the dog’s leg and struck his wife, Catherine, on the side of her head, according to a police report.

Burke, 43, was charged with aggravated battery with a weapon and animal cruelty. Bond was set at $10,000 at a court appearance on Friday. He was also ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet on his ankle. The incident took place Wednesday at the couple’s home in Altamonte Springs.

In a recording of Burke’s 911 call, he tells the dispatcher he was playing with a gun that he didn’t know was loaded, and it went off. He says the bullet struck the side of his wife’s head.

Catherine Burke was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The dog was treated at an emergency animal clinic and survived.

Burke is on RealRadio 104.1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wikipedia describes his show as “mixture of outrageous daily, biker attitude and personality, and right-wing style rants.”

(Photo: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office)

Obama dog 2: 4th grader offers Choco-doodle

A 4th grader in Farmington, Pa., has offered Malia Obama his choco-doodle.

Zachary William Shiley, a student at Wharton Elementary School in Farmington, is offering a 6-week-old female Labradoodle puppy (emphasis on the labra) to the First Family.

The puppy, born Nov. 26, was the only offspring that survived the litter of an 11-year-old chocolate lab named — of all things — Hillary.

The father is a 1-year-old Labradoodle named — appropriately enough — Bullet.

Zachary Shiley told the Herald-Standard that the family has been calling the dog “Vegas” because his mother was in Las Vegas when Hillary became pregnant.

Apparently it wasn’t an intentional breeding, but, be that as it may, Hillary got her groove back, and now, the result of what happened in Farmington, if the Shiley’s have their way, won’t stay in Farmington, but head instead to the nation’s capital.

Zachary describes the puppy as full of energy, a little shy but “very smart and friendly.”

“We want her to have a good home, and what could be better than the White House… A dream come true,” Zachary wrote in his letter to Malia. “I almost forgot, the puppy is free,” he added. It was his mother’s idea to offer it to the Obamas, he said, but he’s all for it.

Included with the letter are two photographs — Zachary and the puppy, and the puppy with an American flag.

Two Fayette County commissioners planned to deliver Zachary’s letter at the inauguration.