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Tag: cumberland county

PETA adds $2,500 to reward in dog dragging

draggeddogPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has added $2,500 to the reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case of a dog dragged behind a pickup truck in Vineland, N.J. earlier this month.

Coupled with the $1,000 offered by the Cumberland County (N.J.) SPCA, that brings the total reward to $3,500.

A Vineland resident called 911 on the night of June 13 to report a green pickup truck with a matching cap was dragging the dog along the road. Police were unable to locate the truck or the dog that night.

The brown mixed breed, who has been given the name Reese, suffered bruises on her right side and injuries to her face and the pads and nails on her front paws, according to the Daily Journal. No arrests have been made in connection with the June 13 incident.

Reese is expected to cover, but will likely remain in the hospital for two weeks, said Cumberland County SPCA Executive Director Bev Greco

“We definitely like to catch anybody involved in cases like this,” said David Perle, communications coordinator for PETA, “There’s a link between cruelty to animals and violence to other people. Obviously this is a terrible case, but there are other issues.”

SPCA investigators are trying to make contact with a man who was in possession of the dog at the time of the incident, but he has not returned calls.

(Photo: Cumberland County SPCA)

Surrendered Shih Tzus can’t be reclaimed

Mike and Miriam Snyder, of Vineland City, N.J., regretfully turned their two Shih Tzus over to a shelter at the beginning of this month. With Miriam ill, and Mike with his hands full, they felt they were no longer able to properly care for the dogs, named Gabby and Marty.

Last week, after one of their sons quit his job and returned home to help his parents, they decided to get the brother and sister Shih Tzus back.

But when Mike returned to the Cumberland County SPCA he learned that Marty had been adopted — the day after his family had dropped him off.

The other dog, Gabby, was still at the shelter. But after the family filled out adoption papers and made arrangements to return and reclaim her a few days later — after she was spayed — they found out someone else had beat them to the punch.

As for Marty, shelter director Bev Greco told The Daily Journal in Vineland that, while strays are kept for seven days before being made available, owner-released animals are put up for adoption immediately — a rule the family apparently didn’t understand.

As for Gabby, Greco said another application to adopt her had been received a day before the Snyders came to ask for their dog.  She said the shelter tried to call the family about the situation, but a phone number they left was not working.

Mike Snyder says he was not told about the competing application.

Greco said she had no plan to contact the people who adopted Marty and Gabby. “They’ve both got very good homes,” she said.

On Wednesday though, the family got a lead on the whereabouts of Gabby after placing an in Vineland’s Daily Journal. It was from a woman who said she drove another a woman to the shelter to adoptd Gabby. She promised to contact the woman about giving back the dog.

As of yesterday, the family was still waiting.