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Tag: dallas cowboys

Vick dog-choking mural painted over by city

vick-mural-painted-overThe mural of Philadelphia Eagle Michael Vick choking a dog in a Dallas Cowboys uniform was painted over Friday by the city of Philadelphia’s “graffiti abatement team.”

The painting had gone up recently on the side of a “Tires ‘R’ Us” store on York Street in the city’s Kensington section.

Within a day of images of the artwork showing up on assorted blogs, the city covered it over, saying no permit had been issued for it, NBC in Philadelphia reported.

Permits are needed for murals on any buildings in the city, said Andrew Stober in the mayor’s office of transportation and utilities.

The manager of the building gave the “OK” to paint over the mural, said Stober, but Stober would not comment on who put it up or if there were any complaints about it.

Vick mural in Philly shows him choking dog


A mural has appeared on the side of a tire store in Philadelphia, depicting Michael Vick in his new Eagles uniform, choking a dog in a Dallas Cowboys uniform.

The mural is painted on the side of a shop called “Tires ‘R’ Us” in Philadelphia’s Kensington section. A photo was taken and uploaded to Flickr by k.vonponyfeather.

Vick, who served an 18-month federal prison sentence for dogfighting, made his return to the NFL last night.