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Tag: ed

Accordion-playing dog fails to impress

I wasn’t personally tuned in, but it seems Pup, the accordion-playing pooch vying to win the NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” competition, failed to make much of an impression last night.

Maybe he was overwhelmed by the bright lights, the big stage and the huge Hollywood crowd, but Pup only tugged a couple of times on the elastic strap attached to the accordion, and once it snapped out of his mouth, he stayed away from the accordion altogether.

After Pup balked, the act turned into a solo — basically his owner, Ed,  singing and strumming “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

Pup failed to live up to the expectations of the judges, and his owner, Ed, from Oakhurst, California — and anyone else who saw his impressive audition tape (above).

“If Pup had continued we may have had a sensation on our hands, but we’re never going to know,” said judge Piers Morgan, who “X-ed” the act early on.

“We had some problems,” Ed explained afterward.

Pup’s on air performance — a bit painful to watch — is included in the video below.

Bill lowering leash fines introduced tonight

Councilman Edward L. Resigner’s office says a bill will be introduced at tonight’s Baltimore City Council meeting to reduce the recently increased penalty for leash law and other animal-related violations.

The new law, which went into effect last month, raised the penalty for unleashed dogs from $100 to $1,000.

After an outrcy by dog owners, Reisinger and other council members said they intended to try and get the new fine lowered to $250.

Other sponsors of the bill being anounced tonight are James B. Kraft, William H. Cole, IV, and Robert W. Curran.

To read our earlier coverage of the leash law issue, click here.