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DeCarlo (and his beagles) avoid the slammer

Randy DeCarlo, the Georgia man who faced up to $24,000 in fines and 12 years in prison for his noisy beagles, was sentenced to two years probation — and he gets to keep his dogs.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter Andria Simmons began her story in yesterday’s paper this way: “Howl-elujiah. All 25 beagles and basset hounds belonging to Randy DeCarlo would have joined in that chorus Friday, had they understood a judge’s ruling allowing them to stay put in their home.”

DeCarlo runs a state-licensed foster home for unwanted or abused basset hounds and beagles at his home in Gwinnett County.

The County Solicitor’s Office had asked that DeCarlo be limited to 15 dogs at his home, but Judge Patricia Muise ruled that DeCarlo can keep the dogs as long as he finds a way to limit their barking within 45 days.

The judge also gave DeCarlo an out, saying he would not have to serve the probation sentence if he moves out of the county. She cautioned DeCarlo that he could go to jail if future complaints are filed about the barking.

“I’m glad as long as they’re safe,” DeCarlo said.

Several neighbors testified that the hounds commonly bark for 15 to 45 minutes at a stretch, and one testified she’d been getting nasty emails since her involvement in the case became known. “I kept getting emails from people telling me they wanted me to be put down,” Porter said.

About half a dozen animal activists attended the hearing in support of DeCarlo. They said there is a fear among their community that owners of numerous dogs could be forced out of the county with the threat of similar citations.

(Photo by George Chidi, courtesy of Atlanta Journal-Constitution)