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Tag: hit-and-run

Disabled vet seeks a new chickapoo

Seventy-one-year-old Paul Franklin Hudson Sr. got around Pocomoke City in a motorized wheelchair, often with his small dog, Foxy, a three-year-old “chickapoo,” riding in his lap.

On a Saturday earlier this month, they were on their way to McDonald’s — motoring along in the grass on the shoulder of Route 113 — when a black SUV ran off the road and struck him.

The impact knocked Hudson, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, from his wheelchair and killed Foxy. The SUV, Delmarvanow.com reported, fled the scene and police are still investigating.

Hudson said he spent the next day crying.

“She was like a part of my family,” Hudson said of Foxy, described as a Chihuahua and poodle mix. “She slept with me. She ate with me. We did everything together.”

Hudson told police four or five people stopped to help him after the accident — assisting him in getting back in his wheelchair and placing Foxy’s lifeless body on his lap.

Since burying Foxy, Hudson has been looking for a new dog, similar to his old one, and an anonymous donor has come forward to help him find one, Delmarvanow.com reported this week.

“God bless him,” Hudson said. “I’m going to keep looking, because I sure miss my baby.” 

(Photo from Delmarvanow.com, by Amanda Rippen White)

Law would require reporting pets hit on road

A California lawmaker has proposed making it illegal to flee the scene of an accident in which a dog, cat or farm animal has been injured.

The measure, sponsored by Assemblyman Mike Eng, would require that drivers attempt to provide aid to an injured farm animal or pet, and notify the owner or animal-control authorities. Violators would face fines and possible jail time.

Eng said he wrote the bill after hearing from a constituent who lost a family dog.

While it is a misdemeanor to flee an accident involving property loss — after crushing a mailbox, for example — there is no law against a hit-and-run involving a pet, Eng said.

“You can wantonly hit an animal and leave and face no consequences,” Eng said. “An inanimate object has more rights.”

“In theory, it makes a lot of sense to let people know they have an obligation when they hit an animal,” Jon Cicirelli of the California Animal Control Directors Association, told the Los Angeles Times. “But in practice it can be pretty problematic.” Injured animals might turn on people trying to help, he pointed out.

New York, Germany and Singapore have similar laws, according to the Times article.