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Tag: kassie crimi

This just in: Stray needs home

Talk about cutting out the middleman. A stray dog nosed her way through a propped open door and into a TV news studio in rural Missouri, and ended up appearing on the morning newscast.

And it wasn’t even “Pet of the Week” day.

KRCG, a TV station in rural Missouri, reports that the well-behaved, mild-mannered mixed breed cruised into the studio Tuesday morning, leading some members of the news team to bring her onto the set of the morning newscast, in case her owner, or a potential new one, was watching.

“We just wanted to put her on in case a family is out looking for her,” said meteorologist Kassie Crimi.

No one, as of last night, had called.

The station said the dog was covered in ticks. Her hair was matted and she appeared to have gone for a while without food. She had no identification tags and no microchip.

KRCG staff checked with nearby Callaway Hills Animal Shelter, whose homeless pets are featured on the station’s “Pet of the Week” segment, but the shelter was “simply too full to take on another pet in these tough economic times,” the station reported. “That means we were left to care for the dog.”

And care for her they did. The dog was driven to Crago Veterinary Clinic in Jefferson City, where she got a bath, haircut, check-up and shots — all complimentary.

It wasn’t the first time a stray has ended up at the station. Because it’s in the country, the occasional visiting dog is not uncommon, and some dogs have been dumped there, which, the station pointed out, is illegal in Missouri.

The station described the dog this way: “She looks like a black golden retreiver, basset hound mix, about two years old and without a home it seems.”

If you recognize the dog, or want it, or if you simply want to compliment the station on its kindness, send an email to news@krcg.com.

(Photo: KRCG)