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Tag: liver

Dog follows owner to death, and beyond, in this moving public service announcement

Here’s a public service announcement that takes the story of Hachiko — the Japanese dog who waited at a train station for his master every day for nine years after he died — and gives it what is possibly an even more tear-jerking spin.

“The Man And The Dog” was created by director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz for Fundación Argentina de Transplante Hepático, Argentina’s liver transplant foundation.

It shows a loyal dog who follows the ambulance that takes his owner away to the hospital — not unheard of in real life — and then waits, and waits, and waits.

We won’t say any more than that, so as not to spoil the ending.

Garcia Saiz, who’s been called “one of the world’s leading Spanish language commercial directors” by Ad Week, has directed other hard-hitting PSAs worth viewing, including the distracted-driving spot “Discussion” and the anti-bullying spot “Playground,” according to o the advertising publication Little Black Book Online.

Leptospirosis appears on rise in NYC

Veterinarians and dog owners in New York are on alert for leptospirosis after reports this week that two Brooklyn dogs died of the disease and dozens more have been hospitalized.

The infectious illness rarely strikes the city in high numbers, but vets say it seems to be hitting a little earlier and harder this year, the New York Daily News reported.

“Lepto likes warm, wet weather and we’ve got that to a T,”  said Dr. Cathy Langston, a renal specialist with the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, which is treating three dogs for the disease.

The swift-moving illness is spread by a bacteria in the urine of rats, skunks, raccoons and other infected animals, which dogs can come in contact with through contaminated water or moist soil. The disease can damage the kidney and liver and prove fatal if untreated.

The first signs in dogs are weight loss, vomiting, lethargy, depression, muscle pain and sometimes diarrhea or bloody urine.

The Daily News article says Amy Tiscornia, a waitress, returned home from work to  her 4-year-old pit bull Bird unable to move. The white dog’s skin and belly were glowing yellow from jaundice and his eyes, she said, “were the color of Mountain Dew.”

 The dog fully recovered after three days of treatment in a Long Island animal hospital.

And after a week of round-the-clock IV and treatment at a Long Island animal hospital — amounting to a $7,000 bill — Traci Schiffer’s Boston terrier Fenway also recovered.

Both women live in the East Village and frequently take their dogs to East River Park, where the canines play in the soggy fields and puddles of still water left by the intense rains, the story noted.

A Health Department spokeswoman said it is not considered an outbreak. In 2007, 17 cases were reported in the five boroughs.

Ohmidog-O’s: Get ’em while they’re hot


We’re branching out here at ohmidog! with the unveiling this weekend of our brand new, fresh from the smokehouse, hand-made, all-natural dog treats — “ohmidog-O’s.”

They may not save the world, but they will help a dog or two. All profits from the sale of “ohmidog-O’s” will go to animal welfare organizations — in this weekend’s case, the Maryland SPCA. We’ll be hawking them at the ohmidog! booth at Sunday’s March for the Animals.

Each bag of “ohmidog-O’s” contains three different O-shaped treats — liver niblets, a freshly ground chicken, beef and vegetable blend and dried sweet potatoes; and the label features Ace and a couple of his close canine friends.

All our raw materials came from K-9 Kraving Raw Diet Dog Food in Baltimore, one of our sponsors, where owner Bob Barrett was gracious enough to let us don aprons and funny hairnets to create our cookies out of rolled out portions of his Raw Diet Dog Food. Using circular cookie cutters we spent an afternoon carving out a thousand or so at the Boesl Packing Co., then rolled them into the smokehouse, where, after some wood chips were added to the fire for flavoring, they slow-cooked for another day.

Just today, they got the Ace seal of approval. We’ll be bagging them up, along with the sweet potato-O’s and the liver-O’s, in the days ahead and selling them at $6 a bag –a price high enough to both pay Bob for the meat and, according to my calculation, make a contribution of several hundred dollars to the SPCA, assuming of course you come to the March for the Animals and buy them.

We’ll be having some other fun and games at the ohmidog! booth as well, including our highly popular ball toss (throw a tennis ball into the ohmidog “O” and win a prize) and our renowned “Kiss My Ace” Kissing Booth and Dog Breath Emporium, which premiered at last year’s BARCStoberfest. All proceeds from those events will go the Maryland SPCA as well.

March for the Animals is Sunday, April 19 at Druid Hill Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Click the banner on the top of this page for more information.

And don’t forget to stop by our booth and say hello (and pick up a bag of “ohmidog-O’s”).

Tainted dog food suspected in China

A Shanghai distributor of a popular brand of dog food said Monday it had suspended sales of the product following reports that dogs who ate it died from poisoning.

While China’s recent food safety scandals have centered on locally made products, it wasn’t immediately clear whether the suspicious dog food was local or imported, the Associated Press reported.

A customer service manager at Shanghai Yidi Pet Co. said the company stopped selling Optima brand dog food last week after reports that more than a dozen dogs who ate it had died from aflatoxin poisoning.

A report Monday in the Shanghai Daily newspaper said at least 20 dogs in four Chinese cities, including Beijing, had died since the end of November from liver complications from aflatoxin.

It wasn’t clear who makes the Optima brand involved in the complaints.

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