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Tag: malnourished

Pregnant dog in Chile nursed malnourished 2-year-old boy, and may have kept him alive

A malnourished child in Chile was taken from his parents last week after being found breastfeeding on a neighbor’s dog.

National police say they confirmed a neighbor’s report that the 2-year-old boy was being fed by their pregnant dog, named Reina (Spanish for “queen”). Police said that the dog’s generosity was possibly the only thing keeping the boy alive.


Police Captain Diego Gajardo said the toddler displayed clear signs of “abandonment.”

Officers transported the naked infant to Hospital Regional Dr. Juan Noé, some 1,240 miles north of the country’s capital, Santiago.

While the infant was in hospital, his mother showed up “dead drunk,” according to Gajardo. He said she has not been arrested because the child was not physically harmed.

The child was released from the hospital and is now under the care of child welfare authorities.

The national police say Reina’s owner spotted the dog feeding the boy at a mechanic’s workshop in the desert port of Arica.

A family court hearing on Sept. 22 will determine who cares for the child.

(Photo by Felipe Muena / Agencia Uno)

Charges filed in Anne Arundel hoarding case

An Anne Arundel County woman and her son were charged with animal cruelty yesterday in a case involving the abuse and neglect of 21 malnourished dogs found living in their home.

Janet Taylor, 51, and her son, Jeffrey Taylor, 38, of Orchard Beach, were arrested shortly after noon Wednesday and  charged with 21 counts each of animal cruelty and 21 counts of inflicting unnecessary suffering or pain on an animal, the Baltimore Sun reported.

After a complaint from a neighbor, Anne Arundel Animal Control rescued the 21 dogs from the Taylors’ home, and the house was condemned. One of the dogs was euthanized “due to the extent of its neglect,” authorities said. The others are being treated at Animal Control until they are healthy enough for adoption.

“This is a horrific case of animal cruelty and neglect and the charges are fitting of the crime,” said County Executive John R. Leopold. “The condition of the home from which these animals were rescued was deplorable and unfit for animals or people.”

Rapper DMX pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Earl Simmons, better know as rapper DMX, faces at least 90 days in jail after pleading guilty on Tuesday to drug, theft and animal cruelty charges, Arizona prosecutors said.

The Baltimore-born Simmons, 38, pleaded to three felony charges and one misdemeanor count in Maricopa County Superior Court under a deal to settle three criminal cases against him. He also agreed not to own any animals or posses firearms.

His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 30.

“I am pleased that this defendant will be held accountable for both his drug and animal cruelty offenses,” said County Attorney Andrew Thomas, in a statement.

The rapper turned actor has been battling legal woes during the past year in Arizona, according to Reuters. In May, he was arrested on drug and animal cruelty charges after sheriff’s deputies raided his home in Phoenix. Authorities found dog carcasses and malnourished pit bulls at the residence.

(Photo: DMX’s album “Year of the Dog… Again”)