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Tag: mozart

Is Stephen Colbert the cutest dog in America?



Mozart thinks Stephen Colbert is cheating.

To be more accurate, Mozart’s owners (who call their 6-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel MoMo for short) think one of MoMo’s competitors in a nationwide cutest dog contest has an unfair edge because his owners named him after the fake anchorman on Comedy Central.

Stephen Colbert el dos, a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix from Atlanta, threatens to outpoll Momo — and Momo’s owners things it’s all because of his name, and the popularity of the “Colbert Report.”



Both dogs are contestants in the The Cutest Dog Competition, run by All American Pet Brands. Over 60,000 people have uploaded photos of their  dogs to the contest’s website. The final 12 pooches will get to compete for the grand prize of $1 million.

What makes it harder to bear yet, at least to Momo’s parents, is that they entered the contest to try and win money for charitable relief efforts in New Orleans.

The first round is under way, with a finalist selected each week based on the number of fan votes. MoMo came in second last week in the Cutest Dog Competition with 2,780 votes, and this week he’s running neck and neck with Stephen Colbert, the dog.

“It’s just coming out of nowhere,” MoMo’s momma, Cara McCool, a New Orleans piano teacher is quoted as telling CNN. “It’s just unfortunate. MoMo is named after a famous person too, but he’s dead … He’s my furry child.” If Mozart wins she said all the money will got to area charities.

Stephen Colbert el dos’ owners did not want to be identified. They told CNN they have only mentioned the contest to a few friends and family members. However, they did post a note about the doggie competition on a Colbert fan site. The owners say they have not heard from the show but one of the fan sites says Colbert el dos will appear on “The Colbert Report” if he makes the top 12.

A spokesperson for Comedy Central declined to confirm that, citing show policy on commenting on upcoming guests.

Even without a television appearance, though, Colbert el dos appears to be benefiting from the name recognition factor, CNN said, pointing out that Stephen Colbert, the human, has “wreaked havoc”  in other online competitions — from a Hungarian bridge-naming contest to a NASA competition to name a room in the International Space Station. In both cases Colbert urged his viewers to vote for him, and won the popular vote.

The voting for this week ends at midnight on Saturday and the grand prize winner will be named on Thanksgiving Day.

(Photos from cutestdogcompetition.com)