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Tag: pepper

Dog thrown off bridge in Lithuania dies


Despite earlier reports that she was expected to survive, the dog thrown off a bridge in Lithuania has died, according to the Lithuanian website that has been credited with helping to track down the man who was videotaped doing the deed.

The man seen in the video, believed to be Svajunas Beniukas, 22, was filmed by friends as he joked about proving “dogs can fly,” then throwing the dog – named Pipiras, which means Pepper — off the side of the bridge.

Miraculously, the dog, whose whimpers can be heard on the video, survived, until this weekend.

I haven’t found an English version of the story yet, but ohmidog! readers inform me that this article on the website reports her death. A rough translation of the article into English can be found here.

The dog, who reportedly belonged to a neighbor of the suspect, received treatment for multiple fractures and internal injuries. According to reports, Beniuk was upset with the dog for attacking his mother’s chickens.

The dog was dropped from a bridge in the Vilkija district in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

After the video appeared on Lithuanian websites, and then around the world, dog lovers helped identify the man as Beniukas. Upon learning of the hunt online, he turned himself in to police.

The dog had allegedly killed some of his mother’s chickens at her home in the village of Seredzius.

Beniukas, who lives in Kaunas, has been charged with animal cruelty. If convicted, he faces up to a year in jail.

One rescued dog helps rescue another

blewittA Lab mix rescued from a mountain pass in Washington two months ago helped rescue another stray stranded near the same spot.

Blewett was rescued — in the true meaning of the word — back in March from Blewett Pass, where he was spotted huddling in the snow.

Several attempts to catch him had failed. The dog would take food, but wouldn’t allow anyone to put a leash around his neck. Backcountry skiers, snowmobile riders, snowplow drivers and U.S. Forest Service employees fed the dog and kept an eye on him until a Wenatchee Valley Humane Society animal control officer teamed up with a snowmobiler, an animal rescuer and a snowplow driver March 10 to capture the dog. Humane Society employees named the dog Blewett.

An article about the rescue effort appeared in The Wenatchee World and was seen by Jay Smith and his wife, Janie, who had lost their black lab the month before. When they saw the picture of Blewett in the paper — and how much he resembled their deceased dog –  Smith went to the shelter and adopted him.

Which brings us back to this week, when the Smiths were walking Blewett on a trail high above the Wenatchee River. Blewett started barking, and raced down the steep bank to find another animal close to the river’s edge.

Smith went home and called the fire department, and rescuers using ropes lowered themselves down to the river. Blewett  ran down and stayed with the dog until the rescuers arrived, the Wenatchee World reported. The dog was weak, old and arthritic, but otherwise uninjured.

As it turned out, the dog had been staying with one of the Smith’s neighbors, Carol Hurt, to whom he was returned.

“The whole thing is a miracle,” said Hurt. The 11-year-old dog, named Pepper, belonged to her visiting daughter and had been lost since Saturday. “One big black lost dog found the other big black lost dog. It’s pretty heartwarming.”

(Photo: Blewett, after his March rescue; Wenatchee World)