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Wedding ring found in folds of dog food bag

A Tennessee couple found more than kibble when they lugged a bag of dog food home from the pet store this week.

Within the bag’s creases was a wedding ring.

Krista Berg of Murfreesboro called the manufacturer, then the pet store, where she found the ring’s rightful owner, employee Mike Stoddard, who’d apparently lost it while stocking shelves at the Murfreesboro PetMart.

The couple returned the ring to him, according to News Channel 5.

How much was that doggie in the window?

A California man who gave his girlfriend a 3-month-old yellow Lab for Christmas has been taken into custody.

Officials say the dog was stolen – three days before Christmas — from a Stanton pet store.

The theft of the Marley look-alike from Pet City was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras, according to the Orange County Register.

The boyfriend – Ryan Rickman, 23, of Orange – returned to the store with the dog to pay for it Tuesday, but instead was booked into county jail on suspicion of burglary and grand theft, officials said. Later, the puppy was turned over to Rickman’s girlfriend, who ended up paying for her own Christmas gift.

Sheriff’s investigators have identified a second man involved in the theft but have not been able to contact him, said an Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

Security video shows two men walking into the store and spending several minutes talking to clerks. After one of the clerks leaves for a lunch break, one of the men distracts the remaining clerk while the other man lifts the puppy from a cage and runs out the door.

More than 20 pets perish in Indiana store fire

More than 20 dogs and cats died Monday when fire swept through a pet store in Bloomington, Indiana.

Nine dogs and three cats survived the fire at Delilah’s pet store — most of which were rescued from the front of the building where they were on display.

Investigators were trying to determine the cause.

Karen Kidwell, the owner of the store, believes the fire started in the back of the building, WTHR-TV in Indianapolis reported.

“Probably electrical. It’s an old building,” said Kidwell. “I’m really glad none of my people were here because I would have really felt bad if they got hurt. The fire broke out just minutes before the store was set to open.

“I’ve been thinking about the animals that didn’t make it out. I had a personal dog that had been abused. It was a really sweet dog that didn’t get out of the fire and I just hate to see her go down that way.”

Kidwell isn’t sure if she’ll re-open.