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Tag: pools

Trying to beat the heat — and losing

Ever since we left the highly tolerable climate of Santa Fe, I’ve been hot. Ace has been hot. We exit the car and it’s like getting hit in the face with blow dryer, turned up to its most heated setting.

So even before we visited the ex-cat and pulled out of Waynoka, Oklahoma, I decided — more for my sake than Ace’s — that our next stop would have to be somewhere with a swimming pool.

I got on online and checked for Motel 6’s — our default option — and saw there were half a dozen in the Oklahoma City area, all of which, it seemed, had swimming pools.

When we got there, after a hot and dusty drive, I stopped at the first Motel 6 I came across.

I’m still unsure if it was one of the ones I investigated online. But without a second thought I checked in, put on my trunks and, anticipating a refreshing plunge, went out to hit the pool.

And this is what we found:

I was less than pleased. Ace, on the other hand, who’s not big on pools but has been missing soft green grass during our time in the West, was thrilled. If nothing else, it made for a nice miniature dog park.

I took a seat on the lounge chair and we spent a few minutes poolside, more for Ace’s sake than mine.

It wasn’t the first surprise we’d gotten at a Motel 6. Those we’ve visited included on with a broken pool, one with broken Wi-Fi, one with no batteries in the TV remote, one where I had to make the morning coffee and one, in Dallas, where the room smelled like pee (definitely not ours). A couple of them have been perfect, though. As I see it, at under $40 a night, one shouldn’t expect to many guarantees or amenities, which is good because, other than a tiny bar of soap, one doesn’t get them.

Far more important than amenities, or any temporary malfunction — with the exception of air conditioning — is the fact that Motel 6 always accepts dogs,  with few rules, no weight restrictions and no deposit.

Now that’s refreshing.

A few final chances to take the dog for a dip

DSC05053As summer fades away, there are only a few chances left to take your dog for a dip.

The 4th annual Pooch Pool Party at Montgomery County’s Wheaton/Glenmont Pool will be Sept. 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and registering in advance is suggested. All 275 slots sold out last year. If there’s any space left for this summer’s dip, walk-ins will be allowed.

The Wheaton/Glenmont Pool is at 12621 Dalewood Dr., in Wheaton. The fee is $5 per dog. Dogs must have written proof of current rabies vaccination (a tag does not count). Dogs from Montgomery County must also have a dog license. If your dog doesn’t, police will be selling licenses at the event.

For information call 240-777-6840. To register online click here.

The City of Rockville will hold a Doggie Dip Day, also with a $5 fee,  on Sept. 12 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Rockville Swim and Fitness Center, 355 Martins Lane. For more information call 240-314-8750 or click here.

For Northern Virginia doggie swimming opportunities, go to www.nvrpa.org, and click on “events,” then on “calendar of events,” then click on “next” to get to September. Doggie swims are listed under “see events” for Sept. 12.

News Splash: Pool opens to dogs!


Baltimore’s Riverside Park opened the pool to dogs yesterday, the last day of the swim season. Here’s what happened.