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Highway Haiku: Secure the Borders?

“Secure the Borders?”

You’re lucky, white man

That the Navajo Nation

Shares its vast beauty

(Highway Haiku is a regular feature of “Dog’s Country,” the continuing tale of one man and one dog spending six months criss-crossing America. “Dog’s Country” can be found exclusively on ohmidog! To read all of “Dog’s Country,” from the beginning, click here.)

Puppy mill measure moves to Pa. senate

Governor Edward G. Rendell today urged Pennsylvania’s Senate to swiftly pass two bills — already approved in the house — to protect kennel dogs and consumers.

Rendell praised the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for voting to pass House Bills 2525 and 2532, and called upon the Senate to help rid Pennsylvania of its reputation as “Puppy Mill Capital of the East.”

“The bills that passed in the House today with overwhelming, bi-partisan support will go a long way to protecting dogs kept in kennels with poor but currently legal conditions,” the Governor said. “I applaud the House of Representatives for defeating the many amendments to House Bill 2525 filed on behalf of special interest groups and aimed at weakening the bill. The House has delivered strong legislation that reflects not only the needs of dogs, but the will of the public in improving the minimum standards in the worst of Pennsylvania’s kennels.”

Rendell said current state laws allows dogs to receive minimal care and live their entire lives in cramped, stacked cages.

“These conditions lead to dogs with physical and behavioral problems. Pennsylvania must ensure that the standards of care are raised for the sake of dogs and the families that will eventually own them.”

Governor Rendell said widespread public support could help move the legislation through the Senate, and urged Pennsylvanians to let their senator know their thoughts on the issue.

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Pa. Governor urges reforms of state dog law

Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell today said the killing of 80 dogs by two breeders — and the fact that it was entirely legal — has “shocked and disgusted citizens all over the commonwealth,” and he called on legislators to approve proposed reforms to the state dog law.

“These violent killings were totally unnecessary, particularly considering that there are rescue societies that would have taken all of the dogs, regardless of their ages or conditions,” Rendell said.

Two weeks ago, kennel owners Elmer and Ammon Zimmerman of Berks County shot 80 dogs and closed their kennels after dog wardens ordered kennel repairs and veterinary checks for 39 dogs suffering flea and fly bites. Pennsylvania’s current dog law does not prohibit kennel owners from euthanizing their dogs with firearms, even if the dogs are healthy

“Clearly, the time has come to enact legislation that would make this practice illegal and raise the standards under which the state’s commercial breeding kennel industry operates. There is simply no excuse for continued inaction,” the governor said.

The governor made his appeal during a news conference at the Schuylkill River Dog Park, accompanied by Maggie, one of his family’s two golden retrievers. Maggie and Ginger are former breeding dogs who were rescued and adopted by the Rendells.

Under legislation pending in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, only veterinarians would be authorized to euthanize dogs in commercial breeding kennels.

The bill also doubles the minimum floor space for cages at commercial breeding kennels,  prohibits stacking cages, ensures dogs get outdoor exercise (currently not required) and requires kennel cages to have solid floors.

In addition breeders would be required to hav dogs checked by a veterinarian annually or during each pregnancy. Many dogs now never see a vet throughout their entire lives.

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