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BARCS waives adoption fees for rest of 2010

For the rest of 2010, adoption fees are being waived at BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter) for all dogs and cats over six months old.

Included for free with any adoption during the holiday special are spaying and neutering, rabies vaccination, DHLPP vaccination, bordatella, de-wormer, flea preventative, a general examination, a food sample, a month of free veterinary care insurance, and Felv testing for cats and kittens.

Normal adoption procedures apply, and Baltimore City residents will need to purchase a $10 pet license. Puppies and kittens under six months old are available for adoption at $65, through December 31, 2010.

People who would like to give the gift of an animal to some one else can purchase a BARCS gift certificate for $65.

To adopt an animal from BARCS. stop by the shelter (behind M&T Bank Stadium)  Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., call 410-396-4695 or visit BARCS  online.

BARCS is hosting a Holiday Open House at the shelter this Saturday, December11, and Sunday, December 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., featuring cookies and punch and, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., photos of your pet with Santa. Photos are $10 each for a digital print and the proceeds will benefit the animals at BARCS.

Bo Ho Ho: First dog barks at Santa

First Lady Michelle Obama, along with daughters Malia and Sasha and first dog Bo, made an appearance at the Children’s National Medical Center Tuesday. Mrs. Obama, once Bo made sure Santa kept his distance, read “The Night Before Christmas” to the children.

More than 100 dogs come to see Santa

santa_DSC8933More than 100 dogs showed up Saturday to have their photos taken with Santa in Baltimore’s Riverside Park.

Most, like this sweet beagle, seemed happy to get a little face time with St. Nick. About 2 percent wanted nothing to do with the fat bearded man in red. Only one growled at Santa. And Santa only growled once, when he stepped in dog poop.

Other than my boots, which I’ll clean up one of these days, there were no casualties, and about $1,000 was raised for the Franky Fund at Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS).

Combined with an earlier Photos with Santa event in November at Federal Hill Park held last month, nearly $2,500 was raised for the fund, which is used to provide medical care for seriously sick and injured animals.

Those who purchased photos can view and download them here.

(Photo by Gail Burton)

Pet pix with Santa — this Saturday

santalolaIt’s time for some good cheer, dammit.

And in that spirit, Santa  invites all pets and their owners – both those who have been good and those who have been bad — to come to Riverside Park in south Baltimore this Saturday to have your pet’s photo taken with his merry old self.

If seeing Santa, and getting a lasting, suitable for framing memory of your pets’ visit with old St. Nick, isn’t enough, there will also be free treat bags, while supplies last, and Santa himself will award a FURminator to the dog who appears in most need of it.

And there’s also the fact that all proceeds go to a very good cause –  the Franky Fund at BARCS, which is used to provide emergency medical care to seriously sick and injured animals so that they may be doctored up and adopted out, as opposed to that nasty alternative Santa doesn’t like to talk about.

Santa will be at Riverside Park between 10 a.m. and noon, assuming he can find a parking space for his sled.

The event is sponsored by BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter), Brazen Tails, Ride Entertainment and the South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue and Adoption Center.

Photos will be taken by Gail Burton, a freelance photographer who works for the Associated Press covering the Ravens and Orioles. The fee is $10, and the photos will be posted online for easy downloading.

How does Santa know all this? Because he’s Santa. And as for those two or three dogs who — like leaping Lola above — wanted nothing to do with Santa last year, I’m looking into ways to make myself less intimidating and more appealing, including smearing myself with bacon grease.

On another holiday related note, tune in tomorrow (Thursday)  for an ohmidog! quiz, the five winners of which will receive holiday treat bags for their dogs. The quiz will be posted at 9 a.m., and the first five contestants to submit the correct answers win.

Dog park designates small dog hours


Locust Point Dog Park has announced designated hours for small, elderly or otherwise fragile dogs — 9 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m. daily.

The new policy — now posted in signs at the park — will be self-policing, meaning that little dog people will have to ask the big dog people to leave in the event they are not following the rules.

The dog park committee also announced that Saturday’s “Pet Pictures with Santa” fundraiser — with City Councilman Ed Reisinger as Santa — raised $550 to help support the maintenance of the dog park. Baltimore City, though it helped build the park, does not pay for its maintenance. Clean-ups at the park take place on the second Saturday of each month, with the next one scheduled for Dec. 12 from 10:30 to noon. The dog park is closed during clean-ups, and volunteers are invited to pitch in.

If you missed getting your pet’s photo taken with Santa, there are more opportunities on the horizon. Canton Dog Park will be holding a similar fund-raising event on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 to noon.

Two more pet photos with Santa events are being held to raise money for BARCS Franky Fund for sick and injured animals. On Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 to noon at Federal Hill Park, and on Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10 to noon at Riverside Park.

The day Santa almost lost his shih-tzu

santa-lolaIt has been almost a year since the day Santa almost lost his shih-tzu. Well, it wasn’t really Santa, it was me. And it wasn’t my shih-tzu, it was a friend’s — and a dog who normally jumps on me as opposed to off of me.

Still, it’s a rare dog who doesn’t want his or her photo taken with Santa Claus — and there are four opportunities coming up.

The first is tomorrow (Sunday) — at the new Locust Point Dog Park.

Pet Pictures with Santa runs from 10 a.m. to  1 p.m. Proceeds go toward the maintenance of the park, which opened this fall.

Canton Dog Park will be holding a similar fund-raising event on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 to noon.

Two more Photos with Santa events will be held to raise money for Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter’s Franky Fund, which helps care for seriously sick and injured animals that arrive at the shelter — On Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 to noon at Federal Hill Park, and on Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10 to noon at Riverside Park.

All the events are for good causes, and the photos make great Christmas cards.

(If you know of others pet photos with Santa events, please feel free to add them to this entry in the form of comments.)

Santa at the harbor

The second of two photos-with-Santa events to raise money for sick and injured animals at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) was held at Federal Hill Park yesterday.

Despite chilly temperatures — as Elroy the Chihuahua can attest - scads of dogs showed up for the event, which – along with one two weekends ago at Riverside Park – raised $1,945 for the Franky Fund.

The photos were posted on the Internet for easy downloading.

To see and download the Riverside Park pictures click here. For the Federal Park pictures click here.

Sponsors of the events included ohmidog!, Camp Bow Wow, Dogma, Lucky Lucy’s Canine Cafe, Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists, K-9 Kraving Raw Diet Dog Food, Bill’s Portable Welding, Baltimore Guide,  Firehouse Coffee Co. at the Canton Firehouse, Austin Grill, The Sweet Shop, UTZ, Steve’s Lunch, Amy’s Boutique, Federal Hill Wine & Spirits, M&L Discount Liquors, and Susan Harrington Designs.

Pet photos with Santa on Saturday

Reminder: Between 11 am. and 1 p.m. tomorrow at Federal Hill Park, you can get your pet’s photo taken with Santa Claus and help support the Franky Fund for sick and injured animals at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). The fee is $5 and pictures are made available on the internet for downloading. To see photos from the last event, at Riverside Park, click here.

Santa will also be posing with pets in Locust Point tomorrow, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Of course he can be in two places at once, he’s Santa!)

The Locust Point Dog Park Committee will be taking photos of pets with Santa at the Tide Point deck area, at the end of Hull Street. Pictures are $15 each, and will be emailed. All proceeds benefit the Locust Point Dog Park.

More on these and other dog friendly activities can be found on our “Doggie Doings” page.

SoBo HoHo: Posing with the dogs

Though Santa loves all dogs, some dogs like Santa more than others.

And a few — I discovered during my two-hour stint as St. Nick yesterday in South Baltimore’s Riverside Park — want nothing to do with him at all.

During an event to raise money for BARCS Franky Fund, nearly 100 dogs showed up to have their pictures taken with Santa. You can see all of the photos here.

Most dogs were eager to hop in my lap, but a handful didn’t want to get anywhere near me. Golden retrievers seemed particularly wary of Santa, even when tempted with treats. But one way or another, we managed to get photos of every dog with Santa.

A few dogs, like Lola (above) couldn’t wait to get off Santa’s lap — even dogs who, like her, are long-time friends and normally love me in civilian attire.

The biggest problem was keeping my Santa beard on amid all the squirming. One dog, a golden retriever whose leash I was holding, pulled me out of my bright green lawn chair (a kitschy South Baltimore Christmas was our theme), to the ground, and then actually dragged me a foot or two.

I only got growled at a couple of times, and most of the subjects were cooperative — dogs, humans and the two cats that showed up. All in all, the hardest part was walking the three blocks to the park. Several children stopped me, one of whom wanted a motorcycle for Christmas, but settled for a hug.

Several hundred dollars were raised for the Franky Fund — an emergency fund at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter that provides medical care to sick and injured animals.

If you missed out, there will be another Franky Fund event (more traditional, and with a different Santa) Saturday, Dec. 6, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Federal Hill Park.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this blog entry.)

Got a mimute? Come say hi to Santa

I’m back from California — in the nick of time, in time to be Nick, and not a mimute too soon.

Today, I’m scheduled to be Santa Claus — at Riverside Park in South Baltimore — so I’ve got some big boots to fill, not to mention pants, jacket and cap.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you can bring your pet to have his or her photo taken with what I hope will be a passable semblance of St. Nick. It’s a mere five bucks, and proceeds from the photos and all else that will be going on — raffles, gift sales, refreshments, etc. — will go to the Franky Fund at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).

The Franky Fund pays for emergency medical care for animals that come in to the shelter sick or injured — dogs and cats that otherwise would likely be euthanized. (For more information about the event, and another at Federal Hill Park Dec. 6, click the banner ad at the top of this page.)

It wasn’t feeling a lot like Christmas in Los Angeles, what with 80-degree temperatures and all the fires raging.

The sprinkling of grey ash that covered my rental car wasn’t quite the same as a fresh white snowfall. Fortunately, I avoided having to pay extra for that, and I avoided getting towed away at the hotel, where the sign above warned guests not to leave their car in the check-in area.

After ten days on the road — counting a side trip to northern California where I got to meet America’s first cloned dog — I was ready to come home, even with predictions of snow. You might even say I was counting the mimutes.