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It’s a Myspace for dogs

Doggyspace — a Myspace for dogs — has drawn more than 3,000 registered users since it started up in July.

Described as a crossbreed between Facebook  and YouTube, Doggyspace allows dog owners to come together, create profiles, and share photos and videos of their pups.

Based in Virginia, it’s another example of the phenomenal growth in social networking sites that target interest groups looking to connect with like-minded people — pretty much the Internet version of butt-sniffing.

 “It’s not so much social networking, it’s having a social experience around things that we care about, so pets are just such a great example of that,”  Fred Stutzman, an Internet researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says in a recent AP article.

Stutzman said people who use general social networking sites are also signing up for sites like Doggyspace that offer more focused support on specific issues. 

In the last month, Doggyspace has attracted more than 3,000 registered users — of which nearly 80 percent are female according to Levi Thornton, founder of the Virginia-based company. Thornton predicts that Doggyspace will have racked up more than two million accounts year’s end.