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Tag: station wagon

22 dogs in a station wagon seized in Texas

Acting on a tip passed on by the SPCA, authorities in Texas yesterday seized 22 dogs that were confined in a single station wagon, parked on the side of a road.

When officials approached the car, on an unmarked road near the police station in Pottsboro, the woman inside locked the doors and refused to come out. Pottsboro is in Grayson County, about 80 miles north of Dallas.

Inside the car were 20 adult dogs and two newborns — all appearing to be Papillons and long-hair Chihuahuas — crowded in among blankets, a pot of water and waste.  Investigators don’t know how long the dogs had been in the car, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Eventually the woman and dogs were removed from the vehicle. The animals were taken to a shelter in McKinney, according to Maura Davies, an SPCA of Texas spokesperson. The woman in the car was not charged, or identified. Officials said she was not coherent.

“We could smell ammonia from urine a few feet away from the car as we were approaching,” Davies said. “It was utterly filthy.”

SPCA staff took the dogs to the Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney, where the dogs will remain until a judge decides whether to grant custody to the owner or the SPCA.  A hearing was scheduled for next week.

(Photo courtesy of the SPCA of Texas)