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Tag: thank you

Philadelphia columnist remembers “Blackie”

blackieColumnist Ronnie Polaneczky paid a touching tribute to her dog, Blackie, in yesterday’s Philadelphia Daily News.

Blackie, a female border collie-Labrador mix, died on Sunday evening after a sudden illness.

“I was so overcome with tears as she died, I was unable to properly tell her all the ways that her life had made mine better,” Polaneczky wrote. “So this is my thank-you letter to Blackie, the first dog I ever called my own.”

Nine years ago, Daily New columnist Stu Bykofsky offered her the dog, which he had taken in after finding it abandoned in South Philly. Here’s an excerpt from Polaneczky’s column:

“Thank you for tolerating the way we claimed that you had magic ‘healing powers.’ See, not long after you came into our lives, we discovered that our daughter’s bumps and scrapes didn’t hurt her so much once we had her press the injured area into your warm, shaggy coat. Soon, she was telling her young friends to use your powers when they were hurt, too.

“Over time, we realized that those powers were not a parent-created myth but a true ability. When my husband and I were distressed about something, you’d sense our upset and quietly lean against us in solemn comfort.

“Thank you for letting us dress you as a bee on Halloween.

“Thank you for never – ever – chewing our shoes into jerky.

“Thank you for having a gentle spirit that belied your fierce appearance. The first time my husband took you to the schoolyard to retrieve our daughter from kindergarten, a few of the parents pulled their children away in fear of your wolfish looks. Within moments, you were sprawled on your back, a portrait of maternal contentment as a dozen tiny hands rubbed up and down on your belly.

“Thank you for your tolerance of your four-legged housemates. You put up with one prickly cat until his death at 19. You endured the addition of two kittens, who tried to nurse at your row of tiny teats. And then you gamely allowed the latest member of the family, a tiny Yorkie with a brain the size of an M&M, to use your belly like a trampoline, grabbing at your ears and snout while you lolled placidly on the floor.

“Through all of it, you’d look at us with world-weary affection, as if to say, ‘These little ones, eh? Waddya gonna do?’

“We were there with you at the end, at Penn’s veterinary hospital, to sob goodbyes and stroke your soft, dark fur as you peacefully slipped away from us. The doctor had told us that the illness in your lungs was slowly suffocating you and had caused an en

In praise of Mayor Dixon … A 100-dog salute?

    As we told you Aug. 22, and then again on Sept. 5,  Baltimore will soon be announcing construction plans for its first city-sponsored dog park, at Latrobe Park in Locust Point. The official announcement — there’ll be a press conference at the park — is now scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday, October 10.
    It has been reported here that Mayor Sheila Dixon would like to see as many as four new dog parks in the city of Baltimore. While they have been a long time coming, and are still years in the future, I think the press conference might be a good time for dog owners, and dogs, to show their thanks.
    What if, say, 100 dogs showed up at the press conference, or 200 even, to show their appreciation for the city’s efforts to allow them some room to romp off leash?
    In addition to serving as a little reminder to the city’s elected officials that a lot of dogs live here — and that most of them have a registered voter or two as their caretakers — a mass turnout of dogs would get that message across to the rest of the city as well, assuming that the mainstream media (I can call it that now that I’ve left it) finally gets on to the story.
    Look at it as a mass thank you for finally recognizing the need — and a reminder that there are lots of other dogs and owners, including a good many around Patterson Park, that would like their dogs to have a place to run, too.

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