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Tag: valentines day

If only the real “Bachelor” was this good

A New Mexico animal shelter has produced a pretty brilliant two-minute parody of “The Bachelor” with women vying for the attention of a handsome cur named Stewart.

“… With Valentine’s Day it just seemed like the perfect time to do that,” said Jamie Merideth, a former TV news videographer who went to work last year as a videographer for the Santa Fe Humane Society.

“We’re trying to find these animal forever homes and it just seemed like a good platform to do that,” she added.

The video’s message, of course, is that the love of your life may be waiting for adoption in an animal shelter.

But the video’s beauty also lies in its highly professional, and highly hilarious, execution.

Most of the “actresses” work at the humane society.

They play the roles of a hair stylist, an art therapist, a professional dog walker and an attorney — all oozing drama and reflecting the kind of cattiness the program is known for as they compete for Stewart’s affections.

Stewart, the ever so hunky bachelor, was a shelter dog in real life. His owner (who’s also in the video) adopted him from the Washington Humane Society before moving from Maryland to Santa Fe.

He represents the 100 or so dogs available for adoption at the Santa Fe shelter on any given day.

“He’s an amazing bachelor. He has the look, just very handsome,” Merideth told KRQE.

The video was posted Friday on the humane society’s Facebook page.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society, located on a four-building campus on a 100-acre lot, has long been regarded as one of the most progressive in the country.

Now we know it’s packed with some pretty talented humans, too.

True love is your’s — for only 40 bucks


Money can buy you love in Baltimore — and, for the next two weeks, for just $40.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), is dropping the fees on all adoptions to $40 until Feb. 28:

“Want to find the perfect companion? Want to find someone who is guaranteed to love you unconditionally, even if you go bald, gain weight, or lose all of your money? Tired of the dating scene and the pressure of Valentine’s Day romance? Forget internet dating!”

BARCS promises “the perfect companion … not afraid of making a commitment and they will give you pure affection and unconditional love for their entire lifetime.”

Adoption fees include spaying and neutering, rabies vaccination, DHLPP vaccination, bordatella, de-wormer, flea preventative, a general examination, a food sample, Felv testing for cats and kittens, and even a month of free veterinary insurance.

BARCS is the largest shelter in Baltimore and the surrounding area, caring for more than 11,000 animals each year.

To find true love, stop by the shelter at 301 Stockholm St. (behind M&T Bank Stadium), call at 410-396-4695, or visit BARCS online.

The shelter is open for adoptions Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The shelter will be closed on Monday, Feb. 15, in celebration of President’s Day.

(Graphic: T-shirt design by Punk Rock Dogg)

Celeb friends help Scooby-Roo, a 2-legged dog

Coming up on his first birthday, Scooby-Roo has come a long way since he was found five months ago — with no front legs, living with his sister in a wrecked car in a gang-ridden neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles.

His first break came when a good samaritan picked him and his sister up. His second came when they were taken in by Fuzzy Rescue. Since then, his story has led to offers of help from Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano, Michael Jackson’s children and many others.

Today, still under the care of Fuzzy Rescue, he has a therapist and a personal trainer and can look forward to a masseuse and acupuncturist, the Associated Press reports.

Not long after Roo arrived at Fuzzy Rescue in Santa Monica — caked in blood from scooting around on the asphalt — the non-profit organization’s director, Sheila Choi send out mass emails looking for donations and other support.

After that, celebrities began tweeting about Roo, from Demi Moore to Shannon Elizabeth. Alyssa Milano saw a YouTube video of the dog and called Choi, promising to help any way she could. Michael Jackson’s children, Prince and Paris, saw a TV report about Roo and began raising money to help out.

With the celebrity help, Choi collected $2,000 for a set of custom wheels for Roo, who is believed to have been born without legs.

On Valentine’s Day, appropriately enough, this sweetheart of a dog turns one.

Here’s an updated report on Scooby-Roo from Fuzzy Rescue:

One in five prefer pet as their Valentine

DSC03620 - Copy

So, with only three days left to Valentine’s Day, your honey still hasn’t firmed up the plans?

Could be he, or she, is planning to spend it with the pooch.

Rather than spending Valentine’s Day with their human partner, a fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet, Reuters reports, based on a global poll conducted in conjunction with the market research company, Ipsos.

The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found, globally, 21 percent of adults would rather spend February 14 with their pet than their spouse or partner.

Interestingly, Turkish people were most inclined to want to spend the day with the dog (49 percent), while the French were least likely (10 percent).

The survey found that age and income were even bigger factors than country of residence, with younger, less affluent people more likely to choose their pet as their Valentine’s Day companion. About  25 percent of people aged under 35 opted for their pet over their partner, compared to 18 percent of those aged 35-54 and 14 percent of people aged 55 and over. Men and women were evenly split over the question.

About 1,000 individuals per country took part in the poll, with Turkey showing the largest numbers by far of owners who preferred their pet’s company on Valentine’s Day.  Next came India with 41 percent, Japan with 30 percent, China with 29 percent, the United States with 27 percent and Australia with 25 percent.

The nations where residents were the least likely to want to spend the day with a pet over their spouse or partner were France at 10 percent, Mexico at 11 percent, the Netherlands at 12 percent and Hungary at 12 percent.

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to You, Too

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you were like most Americans, your celebration probably included some flowers or candy, maybe a nice gift of jewelry, perhaps a quiet dinner for two. People in Battle Creek, Michigan and El Paso, Texas had wilder choices.

The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek hosted a sellout adults-only crowd at their first Zoorotica program on Saturday afternoon. Couples paid $50 to attend  a guided tour of off-limits areas of the zoo where snow leopards, zebras, reptiles, primates, and giraffes are accorded the privacy and surroundings needed to do what comes naturally. According to the zoo’s Website, the three-hour tour (yes!) was led by experienced, unabashed staff members with expert knowledge of the “biting, clawing, scratching and mid-air acrobatics” that spice up the love lives of some of our animal friends. Champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a souvenir DVD rounded out the event. They didn’t say what, if anything, the animals got for putting up with the visitors.

In case people were–well–overcome by the experience, a nearby Holiday Inn offered a specially-priced overnight getaway for participants. The package featured more conventionally human Valentine options like champagne, rose petals strewn on the bed, chocolates, and dinner for two. Other gift suggestions included one that made a lot of sense: Surprising your sweetie with the gift of a zoo animal adoption.

The citizens of El Paso had a more dramatic Valentines treat last Thursday. When you see a headline on a conventional news outlet that reads, “Half-Naked Women Make Out in Downtown For Animals,” you might suspect our good friends at PETA.  And you’d be right. The purpose of the event, which took place in an area of downtown frequented by families with kids, was to reinforce the idea that vegetarians have more fun because they’re healthier. According to PETA spokesperson Ashley Byrne, the event was “a great way to show off what a healthy vegetarian body looks like.”

The event has garnered mixed reviews from the public. If you happened to be a parent with kids in tow, an animal owner, a person who eats meat, a member of the religious right, or just a person who appreciates good theatre, Thursday was probably a bad day to be in downtown El Paso. On the other hand, PETA supporters, slimmed-down vegetarians, and people with juvenile senses of humor had a terrific time.  KFOX TV has video of the demonstration.


Anne & Spencer

Snow leopards enjoy a quiet moment

Snow leopards enjoy a quiet moment

Where to find love on Valentine’s Day

Camp Bow Wow may not sound like the place for a romantic getaway — but if you go there Saturday between noon and 3 p.m., you’ll have a chance to win one.

You’ll also have a chance  to take home some love — the kind that comes in furry bundles.

Camp Bow Wow in Columbia is holding “Cupids and Canines,” an event that will feature adoptable pets from BARCS, the Maryland SPCA and the Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW). Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Training (GRREAT) will also be there, providing microchipping.

Also on hand will be Terri Diener, animal communicator; Joy Freedman, animal behaviorist; Lisa Solomon, pet photographer; and Robyn Jacobs, of Pet Tag Creations.

Nature’s Variety will be showcasing their pet food selection and offering free samples, and goodie bags including items from ohmidog! and other sponsors will be handed out as well. There will be a raffle for two romantic getaways at the Harbor View Inn in Annapolis.

You’ll also have the chance to donate to Bow Wow Buddies, Camp Bow Wow’s foundation is to promote the health and welfare of dogs worldwide by focusing on finding foster and lifetime homes for unwanted dogs, promoting humane education and treatment, and investing in research and treatment for dogs devastated by illness and disease.

And, just maybe, Mr. or Mrs. Right will be there, too, or at least Mr. or Mrs. Right Dog.

Camp Bow Wow is at 7165 Oakland Mills Road in Columbia.

Valentine treats benefit Recycled Love

Love of Dog Bakery has chosen Recycled Love as its charity of the month, meaning 5 percent of the proceeds from all treats ordered in February will go the Baltimore rescue group.

You can read more about Love of Dog Bakery on our sponsors page.