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That tattoo artist who rescued a Vick dog

“Vicktory To The Underdog” takes an in-depth look at tattoo artist Brandon Bond and his work with one of the rescued Michael Vick fighting dogs.

Rather than focusing exlusively on the dogfighting problem, the movie looks at the kind of solutions that can lead to “Vicktory” for all the underdogs –“tattoo people, pitbulls, parolees and all the other people in this world that society has turned their back on through ignorance and racism.”

The movie also examines the life of Brandon Bond and “his struggle with balancing fame, fortune and the Rock-N-Roll tattoo lifestyle with a more fulfilling life that focuses on the betterment of both animals and society as a whole.”

Proceeds for the film will be going to Villa Lobos Pitbull Rescue.

The movie also features a, multi-artist soundtrack — 34 tracks in all, the first of which is entitled “God’s Creatures Brutalized,” by Sen. Robert Byrd. (I’m guessing this is the only album you will ever find Toetag, Skam Dust and Sen. Robert Byrd all featured on.)

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